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[Fanfic] Making Landfall

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Title: Making Landfall
Rating: G
US, maybe USxUK if you squint
Warnings: None
Summary: Natural disasters affect nations painfully.
Notes: I might end up doing a series of these. Maybe.


natural disasters



Making Landfall

Arthur was halfway through reprimanding the inattentive Alfred about his atrocious eating habits when the younger man buckled to his knees.

Both pairs of eyes widened in surprise, before a hiss of pain escaped Alfred. Huddling in on himself, his body tensed with unmistakeable agony. After a few minutes, with Arthur looking on in perplexed concern, the random bout of... whatever it was seem to have passed. Alfred shakily started to stand back up, waving off Arthur's worried inquiries.

"Just a small hurricane down by Florida. Only category 1," the young man explained. Arthur chuckled in relief.

"Collapsing due to a category 1? How un-heroic of you," Arthur teased, poking the American in the side jokingly. Alfred pouted pitifully at him.

"Hey. It was FLORIDA. You would have-" He stiffened.

Arthur stared in shock as Alfred doubled over, biting back a sobgroanscream. Strained panting filled the silence for a moment, before the Englishman quickly helped Alfred sit down, rubbing his back soothingly. Instead of subsiding, however, the sobs racking the huddled form only grew in intensity with each passing moment.

Muffled words came from the agonized form, quiet enough that Arthur could barely make them out.

"Over a thousand dead..."

Arthur paled, remembering what happened almost eighty years ago, before wrapping an arm around the shaking American. Alfred's glasses fell off with a soft clink to land on the tearstained ground. Arthur watched the glasses crack suddenly, and laid his head against Alfred's shuddering shoulders.

A/N: Hurricane Katrina first hit Florida as a Cat. 1, weakened, then grew drastically in power as it swept through Louisiana and eventually Texas. Total death toll is around 1,800. It's the deadliest hurricane since the Okeechobee Hurricane, a Cat. 5, back in 1928.

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