Andi (kotakia) wrote in hetalia,

[Fanart] An art dump of epic fail.

Title(s): Cheshire Prussia, Sparrow and the Songbird Concept Art, Four Hundred Years of Lies Concept Art, America's Scars, Francine (Yes, THAT Francine), Axis and Allies sketch
Artist: Kotakia but ya'll can just call me Andi~
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia, Canada, England, America, Fem!France, and the rest of the Allies and Axis.
Rating: PG, but Francine might make things scary.
Warnings: Shirtless America + Fem!France. Scary.
Summary: Some drawings I've been doing. Please ignore the random changes in my style. And the fail anatomy. And the plain old fail.

Okay. First up, you've got your Axis and Allies and wait, who's that up there next to England? ((Hiragana is kind of fail OTL. I'm rusty at Japanese)) Can you see where I started to get tired and my hand started cramping up so I said 'Screw it'? DeviantArt.

Now for a spoiler~ Four Hundred Years of Lies is my current fic I'm working on. It's another serious one. For this one, I want betas. So if you A. Have me on your friendlist and want to be registered in my Beta custom group or B. Want to be a beta, let me know! If it's B, send me a request and I'll add you to it right away. DeviantArt

You all probably think I'm nuts for this, but I just loved banisheddreams' idea of what Francine looks like so I went and drew it. It had a second part with Matthew and Alfred talking (Matt: Isn't my girlfriend hot? Alfred: Can not unsee. My eyes, they burn!) but I couldn't find it in my mess of notebooks. From the fic 'Of Tight Leather and Punk Rock'. DeviantArt

Now for something dear to my heart~ A concept art I found from when I was first brainstorming 'The Sparrow and the Songbird'. The fic that I think got me noticed in the Hetalian fanfiction world. My personal favorite of all mine too. DeviantArt

Matthew in Wonderland, an on-off fic I'll be working on for a bit is one that's really getting my mind in gear. My favorite character I have planned? Prussia as the Cheshire Cat. They're all going to be freaky people wearing strange clothes so Prussia's running around and this is how he looks in Matthew's exact thoughts 'Some estranged cosplayer with a silly grin looked down at me from the tree as his clothes reflected the many vibes coming from him'. I giggle at this even though the pic is fail. DeviantArt

And finally, a pic I drew for no real reason. Anatomy fail ugh. It's sorta where I imagine America having scars from his history. The arrow pointing to the back of his head says 'Civil War'. I see him with a large scar down his back separating him in half from that chaotic split. DeviantArt

Tags: -america, -canada, -china, -england, -france, -germany, -italy north (veneziano), -japan, -prussia, -russia, fan: art

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