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[Fanfic] Hellfire (Natural Disasters Series)

 Title: Hellfire
 USxUK, CanadaxFrance, mentions other European countries
Warnings: None 
Summary: Natural disasters affect nations painfully. 
Notes: Second in the Natural Disasters Series. (1- Making Landfall, USxUK)


For once, Alfred felt very distinctly how left out of things he was. People spoke of how isolated Arthur's little island was, but sometimes Alfred's half of this massive hunk of an island could be just as bad. He sat with Matthew, looking at the television screen.
He couldn't believe what the flickering set was blaring at the two brothers. France. France, of such mild summers and gorgeous beaches, now had its elderly dying by the thousand. All because of heat. Temperatures which belonged in the Sahara now plagued, of all places, France!
As the death toll climbed higher, Alfred could feel Matthew's faint shudders, soft breathing growing faster and shallower. He could feel his brother's urge to run over to Francis' house, tend to the feverish man and somehow cure this whole plague. The older of the two could sympathize. When he heard of the fever that Arthur had come down with, his first impulse was to buy all the ice Russia had to offer and dump the whole lot on Arthur's little island.
The Brit had gotten off lightly, though. Antonio and the two Italian brothers were more than bedridden- they looked like death was knocking at their door, as hell's flames consumed their lands. All of Europe felt the heat wave sweep through, leaving behind a trail of corpses. Even Vash, though not knocked out with fever, was worn out by the constant flooding of his house, as the mountains which he so coveted melted to his feet. The heat touched all.
On the other side of the pond, the two brothers watched in dismay.

A/N: 2003 European heat wave.
Tags: -america, -canada, -england, -france, -italy north (veneziano), -spain, -switzerland, fan: fic

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