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Anime Expo 09 Hetalia Cosplay

Here is the pics I took while at Anime Expo 09 of all the hetalia cosplayers.  Most of his was on Thursday at the meet and the first couple of pics weren't taken by me since I was in the pictures, so bear with the quality.   I had so much fun dancing around with everyone ad if you see yourself in any of these let me know! ^__^

Hetalia craziness zomg

Ignore this person.....

and again....

last time I swear!

SPAINs dancing X3

America lost the Cold War!!??

France raping America.... England isn't too happy bout that...

America's Bible!

Great Austria cosplayer


Taiwan looks so frightened....

Some odd England teasing O_O

France Raep!!!


Very cute England! ^o^

This made me swoon. I'm not gonna lie

Last day cuteness I found ^_^.

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