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[Translation] Gakuen Hetalia (+Omake)

My friend Nosuri translated the game, and I just provided the screenshots.


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SEYCHELLES: Public World Academy "W"...

** World Academy "W"... is the biggest school in the world, founded recently, that imparts education to countries in order to achieve world peace. Every country must attend it at least once in their life.
(Switzerland-kun is staying perpetually at home, but nobody says a word because he's scary when he gets angry)**

I was living peacefully in my little islands, but unfortunately one day the European countries reached here and noticed, and forced me to enroll in the school.
The world sure is... terrible...
Until now, I did't go out of my islands often... no, actually I've never been out of my islands before, so everywhere I go I'm honestly surprised at what I see.
Ugh... I honestly have no confidence in coming here...
Honestly I have no strenght, and no money, the only things I can do are singing, dancing and making souvenirs.
In the past I was rich and good at building things, I was very strong, there was oil flowing out of my garden... It seems that only pupils with those qualities and connections can get to the top of the class.
But, maybe even one like me can develop some unexpected talen...

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SOMEONE: Hey, you, woman, stop!!

SEYCHELLES: Eh... Aah, yes. Erm... I'm a new student, so if I did something strange...

ENGLAND: Which country are you?

SEYCHELLES: Yeah! I'm Seychelles, and I'll be attending this school from today!




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ENGLAND: Good! Become one of my colonies!

SEYCHELLES: W-what are you saying!?
And what is this? I can't take it off! BGYAAAHH!

ENGLAND: There are three rules in World Academy "W"!!
Don't run in the corridors!
Get along with everyone!!

SEYCHELLES: Eh...Aren't rule two and three contradicting themselves?

ENGLAND: Shut up!! We may look friendly, but it all ends up in the survival of the fittest!

SEYCHELLES: I don't like it, and I wish I didn't understood!! But it makes sense... *tear tear shiver shiver*

ENGLAND: Alright! From today, you're English territory!

SEYCHELLES: Ahem... England-san? Somehow I'd hate that so much...

ENGLAND: You must absolutely listen to what I say, and if you try to flee I'll go all out and invade your house!
Feel lucky that you can work under me, the president of the student council.
Huh? W-what?
Why are you looking at me like that...


And so my strange school life had started.

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OLD MAN: Seychelles. So you'll go to World Academy W--

SEYCHELLES: Yes. Almost forcibly, I'll go there from October of this year. But I'm a little nervous. I've never set foot out of this island. I've got no friends but dolphins, shrimps and swordfishes.

OLD MAN: Right. There may be a lot of scary people outside the island. But if you try, wherever you are, you can do it, I'm sure.

SEYCHELLES: Yeah! My flag is the lamest in the world, and in my national emblem there're tunas and turtles, maybe I'll be bullied, but I won't be discouraged by that and do my best!
I'll go and catch a lot of tunas over there!

OLD MAN: Oh, I can't wait.

SEYCHELLES: Grandpa... I'm feeling discouraged all of a sudden...

English territory rules:
- Follow my orders!
- Call me -sama!
- Don't complain about food!!

ENGLAND: First of all, from today on I'll give you your work everyday, so come directly to the student meeting room after your class is over!

SEYCHELLES: I don't understand this school at all... Does that happen regularly?
Haah... I was caught by an annoying one... If it's like this, I'd rather not come to school...

But first...
It's big! It's too big!
I don't know where I'm supposed to go! I don't even know what I'm supposed to do, or which class I'm supposed to go to...
Aah... I'm as depressed as if it were the rainy season...
I'm as depressed as I was that time my house was moved 2 kilometers away by the rain...
I'll try asking to that person... That weird animal is interesting...
Er... Excuse me...

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CHINA: Hm, can I help you, aru?

SEYCHELLES: Do you know which class should I go to?
I'm near Africa, but also near India... But I'm also friends with South-East Asian countries...
And to top it all, I became that eyebrow-bastard England's territory a while ago...

CHINA: Wha...
T-That England put his devilish hands even on such a lovely girl!
Are you a new student, aru? It's a terrible thing, aru. We'll have to endure.

SEYCHELLES: Ha, haah... Well... Eh?

CHINA: I was given a hard time by England too, aru! England is extremely brutal, aru!
He destroyed my house and made me take strange medicines... I came to completely dislike him!

SEYCHELLES: He did something to you too? Wha... who is he?

CHINA: ....Eh, ah, he's the president of the student council in this school, he's the strongest, and the one in highest position, aru...

SEYCHELLES: Eh...? In the highest position... that eyebrow-bastard? In this great school? Please tell me you're lying...

CHINA: It's not a lie, aru. That's why nobody goes against him, here, aru. I did a rebellion with all my strenght once, but he won, aru. And then he went to my house and...

SEYCHELLES: And I became HIS colony the very first day I come to school...

CHINA: Don't be depressed, aru. Maybe we'll see a chance to win in the future, aru.

SEYCHELLES: Yeah, you're right...
(Even if there was a chance to win, my main weapon is still a spear...
What would the percentage of a spear winning over a gatling gun be? I could use tunas as weapons too. If even seagulls entered the battle, maybe that would do.)

CHINA: Ah, right! If you need something, come ask me, aru! I'm China, Asia class, aru. I'm famous, so you should have heard at least my name before.

SEYCHELLES: (Sorry, I haven't.)
Nice to meet you. I'm Seychelles.
Ehm, do you know where my class is? I live here, but...

CHINA: Hao! It's Africa class, aru! I'll show you there!

SEYCHELLES: Thank you! And, there's something I'd like to ask you...
Could I pet that? (*'A'*) haa haa

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(In order from left to right: Botswana, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Teacher)


I'm a new student, Seychelles. I never went out of my little islands, so I don't know much about the world, but... nice to meet you.

ZIMBABWE: Oh! Nice to meet you!

BOTSWANA: Welcome to our class!

STUDENT 1: Living on an island is nice!

STUDENT 2: So.... You see the sea everyday?

SEYCHELLES: (Wah, why am I so happy... Now that I think about it it's the first time I see so many countries together...
And they seem all fun. Besides meeting that person this morning, I can manage to live like this...)

TEACHER: Well, everyone, introduce yourselves!

CLASS: Yeeaaaah!

KENYA: I'm Kenya, English territory. My favourite food is nyama choma!

UGANDA: I'm Uganda, English territory... I took this name from the former Kingdom of Buganda.

ZIMBABWE: I'm Zimbabwe, English territory.

BOTSWANA: I'm Botswana, English territory. My hobbies are beads and weaving baskets! The food I cook best is seswaa, maybe?

GHANA: Ghana, English territory.

Wh... What is this...
Why everybody in Africa class is calling themselves "English territory"...!?
D-did that guy take all these countries!? And I was taken as well...!?

ENGLAND: The rules of World Academy "W" are three!! Don't run in the corridors! Be friendly with everyone! And lastly it's SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!

Aah... So this school is really a place like that... It's enough... Grandpa, I wanna come back...
How many troubles will I have from HERE on... )

TEACHER: Seychelles-san, are you ok?

SEYCHELLES: Eh...? No-It's completely fiiiiine! Nothing bad, nothing at all! Completely... completely okay!

TEACHER: R-really? Is it common in your house to let smoke out of your head?

SEYCHELLES: Well, more or less...

CABINDA: Cabinda, Portuguese territory.

GUINEA BISSAU: Guinea Bissau, Portuguese territory.

CONGO: Congo, Belgian territory

SAHARA: Sahara, Spanish territory!

ETHIOPIA: Ahem... A-ah... I'm Ethiopia, Italian... territory...

(Hm? Did he just say something funny? Ah... I don't understand their humor, maybe...)

Teacher: Well, everyone, since we've all finished our introductions, are there any questions for Seychelles-san?

KENYA: Hey, what's your national emblem, Seychelles?


ZIMBABWE: Ah, what is you flag like? I wanna see it!

STUDENT 3: My emblem is black for the people, red for the independence war, green as the origin of cultivation and mines, and white for union ad peace...

GHANA: Yours maybe is about the sea?

SEYCHELLES: Ah... Ehm...
(This is bad... I wanted to skip showing the national emblem...!! Now I'll be surely classified as the most boring person! Ah, no no. I want to hide in my island...!! But do I really have to write it here? I have to write, don't I...)

It's... it's like this...


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SEYCHELLES: (Damnit! I was laughed at...! One laughed so hard they had to call the ambulance!! As I thought, my flag and emblem are the most ridiculous in the world... But I thought it was delicious... It's mortifying!!)

Ah, I'm so ashamed--...

Ah, sorry!

SOMEONE: G..Gwah...

SEYCHELLES: Awawaw... S, sorry! I was talking to myself but I'm not a suspicious person!

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ITALY: U...Ugh... It... It's ok, It's ok--Ghh!!

SEYCHELLES: I...It's not ok at all!?
I... I'm sorry, aah, what should I do... Because of me your stock market went down, I'm sorry!

ITALY: I i it's ok--- Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine

SEYCHELLES: ...R...Really...?

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ITALY: Yeah, fine... Just...
...Just I can see... gra...nd... pa....

SEYCHELLES: Aaargh... You're not fine!!! What should I... this...

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JAPAN: Please, make room.

SEYCHELLES: Eh... A...Ah...

JAPAN: Italy-kun. Italy-kun.
...It's no use, he went back to ancient Rome...


JAPAN: Well, do not worry. He will come back immediately.


Oi! Italy, what are you doing sleeping in a place like this!

ITALY: Ack...

JAPAN: Seriously, you! Put your clothes on when you go to sleep! And stop singing in your sleep!

ITALY: Uwaaaaaaaaa! I'm sorry! I'M SORRY!!
I'm begging you, stop practicing your process technique on meeeee!!

SEYCHELLES: Ah, he came back.

JAPAN: Yes. Mission accomplished.

ITALY: Eh? Where's Germany?

JAPAN: You were hearing things.

ITALY: Thaaat's why, good...

SEYCHELLES: Good... No, I'm sorry.

JAPAN: No, it is all right. Italy-kun bumps into people about 8 times a day...

ITALY: Eh!? But it's usually 5 people...! Ugh. I'm fineeee. I'm quite tough, you know.

SEYCHELLES: Ah. So this guy is Italy-san...?

ETHIOPIA: Ahem... A-aah... I'm Ethiopia, Italian... territory...

(Ah... Now that somehow makes sense...)

ITALY: Hey, are you a new student by any chance?

SEYCHELLES: Yeah, I've been sent here today. I don't understand much still...


JAPAN: Italy-kun, you are too loud.


ITALY: So, so! Have you decided your clubs? Clubs are good, they're fun!
Enter in M.R.! M.R.!


JAPAN: A, Ah... It stands for Manga Research. It's not an official club, though.

ITALY: Taking other courses too is ok, so won't you join? Join! I'm into the Art Club too...

What's "manga"?

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JAPAN: Wha...

SEYCHELLES: Ah, eh? Sorry... Did I say something terrible?

JAPAN: N-No... It's ok... I-it's just popular culture of a little island of the East...

ITALY: Ah, Japan looks dejected... This is called "Jigyaku" [TN: masochism, self torture] in Japanese culture!

SEYCHELLES: Ahhhh, I'm really truly sorry, you two...

ITALY: It's ok! But I'm positive that if you see it you'll become absolutely hooked!

JAPAN: Y-yes... Yes, I would be pleased if you looked at it once.

ITALY: We do our activities here, so please come see us!

YAY!! Place is here (arrow) 3F, in the corner Here

Ehrm... But you were passing here, so why are you...

ITALY: Yup... Storage...

JAPAN: It's not a falsity, just storage.


ITALY: Ah, by the way what's your name? And where's your class?

JAPAN: Oh, right. I am Japan, of the Asia class. This is Italy, in Europe class. We are allied for the time being.

ITALY: What do you mean, "for the time being"? We're allied, aren't we? Hey Japan! Japan!!

SEYCHELLES: E-Ehm... I-I'm...
Seychelles, English territory...
(Ah, yeah, I completely forgot he called me...)

ITALY: Engl...!?

JAPAN: Ah, England-san's...

SEYCHELLES: What's the matter?

ITALY: Sey-chan, be strong!


ITALY: T...The food is way too bad...!! Be strong!

JAPAN: Italy-kun, you shouldn't be saying that.

SEYCHELLES: What!? Noooo!!

ITALY: Well, as long as you're alive it's alright...

SEYCHELLES: Ugh... Isn't this a line for losers...
I was called, so... ah... M.R., wasn't it? If I have some spare time after school I'll come.

ITALY: Good! See you, then! Come, Sey-chan! We have cookies!

JAPAN: Yes, good bye.

SEYCHELLES: A, ah... See you...
(Ah... there's a lot of strange people in this school...)
(<--- Doesn't realize she is one of those people too.)


ENGLAND: You're late.

SEYCHELLES: Wha... G-good afternoon... I'm so so sorry.
While I was coming here I bumped into someone, so please don't attack me, don't.

ENGLAND: Well don't bump into people then. Ok, now sit down.




ENGLAND: W-well, sit down over there. Now, about being an English colony...




ENGLAND: Wha...what are those... words...
That "oui" and "quoi"... it seems like the ones a certain person uses...

SEYCHELLES: Well but... but I'm...

FRANCE: Hi, England! Invading new students today too? You Johnny Pervert...


ENGLAND: Wah... Why did you come here? You said you were going to be absent today!

FRANCE: AAH AHH I CAN'T HEAR YOU-- I'm the vice president, there's nothing strange in me being here, is there?
Moreover, an important guest has arrived today, right, Seychelles?

SEYCHELLES: G-Good afternoon, F-France-san...


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FRANCE: This girl is my... *shows pinky*, see? So, would you pleeeease leave her alone?
[TN: I probably don't have to explain this, but lifting your pinky means that you're having to do with your girlfriend or woman you're dating. Or at least, it meant that, because it's not used anymore.]

ENGLAND: You, that line is so old! Old man!

FRANCE: Old-- No, it's not!
I'm a man that isn't swept by the flow of time. Y-yeah. It's that.
Oh, my bad, Seychelles, I should have told you in advance that this school was crawling with this kind of guys.

SEYCHELLES: So he hurts when being called an old man... Ah, ehm, it's ok with me.

ENGLAND: Wha-what, you know each other?

SEYCHELLES:(Yeah, I came to this school on an invitation from France...

Ehm... Again, this person is France-san. He's the one who taught me a lot of words and culture from outside, when I was living peacefully on my island.
He's also the one who invited me to come to this school. Actually when he brought a very short skirt [TN: Kanji above reading: This school's uniform] I thought his goal was seeing my body, but he acted very gentlemanly and didn't do anything.
If you do what he says, he's a nice person (?), but if you don't he looks like he won't show any mercy, so he's a tad scary... And then...


I'll say this clearly, he absolutely looks like he is over high-school age at least a couple times...)

ENGLAND: Oh, come on... Now you come here suddenly and claim ownership on her...

FRANCE: You're really cuter than I imagined in that uniform, Seychelles.

S: R-really? Thank you.
But actually, my thighs are really bad...

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FRANCE: What are you talking about? Those thighs are nice, aren't they? You're cute, Seychelles.

SEYCHELLES: Ehrm... Aren't you a bit too close?

FRANCE: This is the distance to convey love French style.

SEYCHELLES: Wai... Aaahhhhrrgg!!

FRANCE: You're really light. Ok! I'll give you plenty of good things to eat from now on!

SEYCHELLES: Eh... Ahem... This is embarassing! Ple... please let me down...
(Aah... why is he touching my Vallee de Mai Natural Reserve...!? Ugahhh... Stop... It'll go up... seychellois rupee exchange rate will go up...!
If life costs went further up I wouldn't be able to keep on living...
Ah... No... There's an important... habitat to the coco de mer... A... Ahhh...!! )
[TN: Research those things for yourself and prepare for a good laugh]

ENGLAND: H-hey... This looks a lot like sexual harassment from here... Doesn't it.

FRANCE: O-Of course it's not, England! This is one form of expressing love! Culture! Culture! French culture! It's definitely not such thing!
That's why you must contact other people with more love, too
...Haah haah...

My apologies...
I apologize for abruptly hitting you... So please, please don't attack me.

FRANCE: No, it was my bad, too. Also, since I had a good time, let's call it a tie... ...anyway, I'm sorry too...

ENGLAND: What are you...

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ITALY: Hello- We met again! The author shied away, so here's the talk corner he made!

SPAIN: This time he made a demo...Eh?

ITALY: What's the matter, niichan?

SPAIN: Why am I *arrow*? How can people understand I'm Spain? [TN: He's labeled as "someone" like every other character before being officially introduced]

ITALY: That's because Spain-niichan's flag is too difficult.

SPAIN: Eh, so just because of that I'm *arrow*? Isn't it cruel?

ITALY: ITISNOTCRUEL. Germany didn't even get to show up.

SPAIN: At least showing up would have been...
Well, aren't we supposed to talk about something?

ITALY: Right. So, how this game started... The author began making this Gakuen Hetalia for celebrating his 6 000 000 hits, but in the meanwhile they were 7 000 000, so it's a celebration for both!

SPAIN: That's bad...

ITALY: While he was working for the omake hits were going to reach 8 000 000, author-san was going to drop dead...
Will he be okay? Authors have their own troubles.

SPAIN: No good. Don't complain.

ITALY: Huooo...

SPAIN: Well, if you leave it to the author, he can try a little harder.
So, thank you very much for playing GakuHeta Demo!

ITALY: Yeah! Thanks--! I hope we'll meet again!

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AMERICA: Oooooi! When's my turn?

JAPAN: There is none.

AMERICA: A... Are you serious?


The end.
The game restarts for me when part four ends, so that's why I don't have shots for five and the omake. OTL Nosuri sent me them. It's all good. ♥

You can try downloading the game here
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