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[official game translation] After April Fool 2009, Prologue


[Help!!] I launched to translate this, but it was a litte beyond my ability. Please comment and help me to fix the bad English!!
(version with Japanese is here.)

(hagane_no_mame, sadlygrove. Thank you so much!)

* * * * *

FRANCE: It hurt...

SHUJINKO(the main character): ...A, are you alright?

FRANCE: Oh sure I'm fi... Ouch!!!


SHUJINKO: sigh. I don't know what the hell happened, but don't call me in the middle of the night!

FRANCE: ugh... sorry... But, there are some things I must do as a man... Gyaaaaaaaaaaa!!

SHUJINKO: You don't have to push yourself to be cool! Just tell me your business please!

FRANCE: Hah... hah... Yes... that seems good for you and me... as well... owww.

SHUJINKO: For now, I cooked milk oatmeal. Help yourself when you get as well as you can move.

FRANCE: Ah... yup.... thank you so much.

FRANCE: OK! Onii-san explain it so briefly. Well, um... At the beginning of April, there's April Fool, you know...

SHUJINKO: Yeah, yeah. Could you care about yourself more than the calender? That was past long ago. Is it something to do with this moment...?

FRANCE: However, IT IS!!


FRANCE: On April Fool, I have to bring dreams to all...!! But now I, look! Look at this! Can you see how I am!?

SHUJINKO: I, I understand! Let go! NO! Stop it, please!

FRANCE: hah... hah... My.. my...!  *weeps* 

SHUJINKO: Oh that was close... huff... huff... OK, let me sort out. On the April Fool, you had something to do. However for any reason, you are in such a condition.

FRANCE: Yeah... what a pity.... Isn't it funny? hahaha...

SHUJINKO: And, you called me. That means...

FRANCE: Yes, that's right.

SHUJINKO I have to do it instead.

FRANCE: Of course, mademoiselle.

SHUJINKO: Don't call me such.

FRANCE: I'm so happy and impressed I called someone like you who understand very fast.

SHUJINKO: Well, thank you, thank you.

FRANCE: Yes! April Fool. I had a soooooo seriouse business! But I am in this condition! So, I'm asking you who is famous for the earnestness.
  Hmm... oh? Let me see...

"What is your name? "
(The default name is Picardy (a region in France). But you can enter anything.)

FRANCE: Yes! Picardy!

SHUJINKO: You forgot my name completely...

FRANCE: Nah, I never forg... owww... that's because of this! This!

SHUJINKO: Is that so...? Fine, anyway. I'll help you. I've just finished my job.

FRANCE: Merci! Picardy! Your heart and mine, they are connected deep down inside! Hmmm hmm.

SHUJINKO: ... sigh. Then, what should I do?

FRANCE: OK! Go for it!


That's how Picaldy's a little long April Fool began.

Thank you for playing!

* * * * * 

 (There are more about Picardy here and here.)

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