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[Fanfic] Belarus fanfic!

Tittle: Belarus: morning of memories
Writer: me
characters: Belarus (YEA!), Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia (also not in APH..that i know of..)
warning: angst?
oh and info on history of Belarus: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Belarus#20th_century

     She remembered back when she was young. Her roots lay in the Slovakia grounds, and sometimes she would have dreams of those lands. A lot of other nations had those same roots. Many had never really been nations, never grew up enough. We had all been nomads, or disorganized at some point.
     Belarus thought of the beautiful Hungary, she was married; she had a home and a land. Hungary had been nomadic and survived, she became a nation and one of the happier ones too.
      Rus' Khaganate, he had not survived, she remember visiting him, once or twice. But he was pulled into too many places, and became thin. Then Belarus remembers him being no more. Of course some of them had to die off, become thin, be no more. That’s how she became her own nation. Russia, Ukraine, herself, all became them self’s by tearing apart there own family’s.
     Those who share them same roots. She knows they were all once from the same place, we all have the same roots. Still a constant pull and tug of power is being played out.

Belarus opened her eyes, the ceiling hovering over her head. She should not think such thoughts. No use. Just like every one else she has disregarded those who share her family and bonds in attempt to be stronger. Yea no use, but really what has become of her now? No again, no such thoughts, as some more morbid thoughts came creeping back. Belarus rose from her bed, pushing memories aside and crossed the cold floor to a dresser. On top of her dresser lay different flags, different meanings. Maybe she should get ride of them.
After becoming a nation she had her freedom and collect her first flags, her own and her fathers; Slovakia. Big Sister Ukraine, and dear Russia, they had all three survived and won independence. And so Belarus was independent, for awhile…. And at that time she only had those two flags.

Belarus sighed again, leaving her room to go down the steps. Finishing her hair with a ribbon perched on her head. It was a ribbon Lithuania had given her. She had been a part of Lithuania’s Empire. Always giving him a hard time. Then as he joined forces with Poland she was dragged along. The first smile of today crossed her lips, it was small and amused as she remembers how Lithuania even with Poland wanted Belarus to be with him. “so it’s a date?” she would coil a smile on her lips in response, a cold smile not like the one playing on her lips at the memory. No really she didn’t want to be with Lithuania, but she needed others strength.

Yea, she was a weak Nation, Belarus thought know finding her self standing in her front room. The room was inhabited by books that filled shelves, and a couch under a window across the room from her, Artwork from Russia hung on her walls. He always like art, she remember fondly and with a twinge of guilt. Belarus found her self laying on the couch not really ready for the day to start, not if it meant more memories might come back. Too bad everything in her house could trigger a memories, like the paintings on her wall.
She was a part of dear Russia, He was an empire then. Growing stronger, gathering a family, Belarus kind of felt happy with him then. He collected Art a lot then as well. But Russia changed, two words Soviet Union, and while she clung to him even then for strength, because Belarus was a weak nation. She soon had to leave. Soviet Union was falling, and while her Dear Russia might have needed her…she left. She was now free. Same roots, Same problems, part of the same Family many times and still she left him, still she used him the same way other nations use one another for power. Not even being her brother saved him from her desertion.

Belarus sighed, to much memories….way to much. Her front door’s bell rung. And yes it was her front door, Belarus was on her own again. she stood from the couch and smoothed out her skirt. Crossing the front room to the door, she preyed it was not bad news. Belarus had a habit of checking though the peep hole, maybe out of guilt that one day it will be her dear Russia, then how will she say she was sorry? But Belarus lips curled into a smile, a real smile. Ukraine was at her door, she swung the door open and was caught into a hug. “hey little sis” she chimes, and hands her a black eyed-Susan flower. Belarus liked them because they looked like sun-flowers, something Russia always like. Of course Belarus did not let her smile stay for long,
“its early if you have no business here then leave” she scolds Ukraine.
“I do have business….” Belarus doubted that.
“And what is it?” she asked holding her normally cold demeanor
“visiting you of course” Ukraine answers before closing the door ... ”its cold sis, why not make me some tea?” Belarus smiled again, the 3rd time this morning.. “alright, take off your boots”
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