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Hetalia Fan Panel/Gathering @ MikomiCon in Northridge, CA [Sept. 19]

So I have literally one month left to prepare for the Southern California area event that could quite possibly reshape the Hetalia fandom as we know it. If someone else doesn't beat me to the punch that is. (And what with our people, this is highly likely.)

MikomiCon is at CSUN, which is a college in Northridge, California and it takes place during the weekend of Friday, September 18th. The school's anime club runs it along with help from the community and the fans.

Anyway. I applied to host this fan panel a while back and I finally got the "Green Light" from the convention chair, a guy named Nick Kurachi. He liked the idea I came up with, which is a panel by the fans, for the fans, and starring a select group of the particularly insane devoted fans. The entirety of the panel will be conducted in-character. Meaning that your hosts (a.k.a. The Dysfunctional Family, Plus Prussia) will be in-character AT ALL TIMES.

Could make for some epic lulz.

So c'mon down and have some pasta tomatoes maple syrup FUN with us!

(*pulls up a suspicious looking armchair* So... Anyone brave enough to sit here?)
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