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[Translation] Gakuen Hetalia v2

It's me again with more of Nosuri's translations. By 'v2', we mean more of the script than before. There's no game out yet or anything for it (I think?). Here's what she said:

"So it seems I was the only one not knowing the scripts for Gakuen Hetalia were actually available on Kitayume.
But they're a little strange.
So I can't tell if they're supposed to show up on the game, in which case I'm stupid enough to get stuck at "level" 6, or if Himaruya kept is as a project and never worked those into the game.

Also, scene numbers are not mine. So don't blame me if they don't make sense, are missing, or whatever. I think it was a work in progress for Himaruya too.

A brief note on "flags": apparently, when the player makes a choice that influences their "affinity" with another character, they get a flag. Okay? Let's start, because it's pretty LONG!!"



Seychelles enrolled in World Academy W. But that was one of England's clever traps.

SEYCHELLES: If I took out my usual strength... That ex delinquent would...!!

ENGLAND: Isn't that good? Blame it on the frozen tuna...

SEYCHELLES: Mmmmmmmmmmm!!

ENGLAND: Hehehe... Hey, prepare your flag. Then we'll all examine it closely.
[T/N: No really. I don't know how to translate shikan. It means, when someone sexy is walking around and everyone is staring at them and fantasizing or something.]

SEYCHELLES: (Oh no! If he saw that lame rainbow coloured flag... I have to endure it! I can't do anything but endure it...!)


...The scenes from #1 to #6 are the ones included in my version of the game. See previous translation! icon_biggrin.gif


FRANCE: Okay, so Seychelle's ownership is claimed by me and England, but what do you want to do, Seychelles?

SEYCHELLES: Ugh... Please don't speak about people like they were things!

ENGLAND: Then become stronger. In this school, unless you're strong, I can do whatever I want to you.

SEYCHELLES: Ahhh, I want to punch him! I wanna punch this shorty!

FRANCE: Yeah, punch him! I'll assist you!

ENGLAND: Ah- wai- For you to assist my colonies in becoming independent... It's your fault he... and that other...

FRANCE: Weeelll.... But you're too strict with your neighbours. Isn't it your fault if they keep running away?
*Niyo niyo*

FRANCE: And that's why America too became indep--


SEYCHELLES: (Somebody! Isn't there anybody who can cope with those two!?)

So they're fighting again, what should I do? It looks like I could run away from here if they keep at it, but maybe it's best if I stay...?



- Curse England
- Ask things to France
- Let's see how that Manga Research club is


09. CURSE ENGLAND --> *England flag +1*

Yeah! Here's my chance! He's defenseless now...!!
I'll... curse him to death...!
Oh mother, ground of Praslin! Lend me your power!!

SEYCHELLES: Now I'll draw the spell signs like this...



FRANCE: Hey, Seychelles? What are you doing?

SEYCHELLES: Fwahahahaha... You, Eyebrows! Your life ends now!

ENGLAND: Wha... Why?

SEYCHELLES: I'm actually a PROFESSIONAL in placing curses!


FRANCE: Seriously? Lol

SEYCHELLES: If I'm cursed your gums will bleed everytime you brush your teeth for a week!

SEYCHELLES: To the ones who hold sins to my motherland, Praslin Island... Hm?

ENGLAND: .........

ENGLAND: .....Cool.

SEYCHELLES: Why are you looking at me with that envious look...!?

ENGLAND: ...Ah, no... Go on.

SEYCHELLES: I CAN GO ON!? I'm going to put a curse on you!

ENGLAND: ...I don't care...

ENGLAND: *whispering* ...Ju...Just teach me how you do it afterwards.

SEYCHELLES: I can't possibly understand this guy's thinking patterns...

FRANCE: Aahh, that's because England is an occultism nerd ☆

FRANCE: Curses, ghosts, fairies, everything eerie, are his favourite things. This "young master".
[T/N: botchan, usually meaning the son of a rich/noble family, often spoiled]


ENGLAND: W-what is this look!!? What people like or not d...doesn't matter!

SEYCHELLES: It doesn't matter, but... Uwahh...

FRANCE: Me too! Uwahh...

ENGLAND: It bothers me the most if you're the one doing it!

FRANCE: Uwahh...


FRANCE: Uwahh. Uwahh. Uwahh. Uwahh.

SEYCHELLES: Hah... I kind of feel the need to breathe some fresh air...


SEYCHELLES: Hah... Those two really don't get along...

Since France-san is usually so light hearted I thought he would get along well with everybody, so I didn't expect he was like cats and dogs with Eyebrows. Oh well, there's so many things I don't know. Even Europe class.

Speaking of that, I've always lived without knowing anyone else than my grandpa... That's sort of lonely...

SEYCHELLES: It's the first time I met so many people...

But more importantly, Eyebrows! Eyebrows!
Making such a sparkly face just when he was being cursed, he's really a weirdo! So weird it's suspicious he's a country!

After all of this, I'm starving... Honestly... I'll be alright, maybe.

TO #12

10. ASK FRANCE --> *France flag +1*

SEYCHELLES: Erm, France-san...

FRANCE: ...Hah hah... Hm? What, Seychelles?

SEYCHELLES: Erm... Couldn't you explain me something about this school...?

SEYCHELLES: This... It's my first day here and I don't know a thing about World Academy W...

FRANCE: Eh... Why all of a sudden...

SEYCHELLES: I would like to know more about the school. I didn't expect to become a colony of a guy like him...

ENGLAND: S-shut up.

FRANCE: Ok! I get what you mean.

SEYCHELLES: France-san...

FRANCE: Well, I'll show you around the school!

SEYCHELLES: Wait... What? BUGYAAA! I'm floati--- You're carrying me!?

FRANCE: So? Though you always asked me to carry you, back then...

SEYCHELLES: I-I was a child! I'm an adult now! Stop! It's embarassing!!

SEYCHELLES: Stop! France-san! Le...Let me down!!

ENGLAND: Hey... She said stop!

FRANCE: Ehh... Isn't it good? You won't have to walk, I'll be greatly satisfied... Isn't it perfect?

SEYCHELLES: NOOO! I won't be able to get married anymore! Let me dooowwwn!!

FRANCE: Okay! Then would you rather sit down?

SEYCHELLES: Wai... If I sit down...

SEYCHELLES: like... th...

FRANCE: Yeah. Nice view.


FRANCE: Ha ha ha... So cute, Seychelles.


FRANCE: My Alsace--!!

FRANCE: Seychelles is so cute. Today's shot was kinda good. Haah haah...

ENGLAND: You sound old even after you've been beaten...

FRANCE: No, because THIS is love...

SEYCHELLES: It's not--!!

SEYCHELLES: Re-re-re-re reeeeeeally I didn't give him any occasion for... He just suddenly started doing strange things...

ENGLAND: Well, that's how he is...

SEYCHELLES: I understand that, but... Ahh, it's so embarassing...

ENGLAND: I'll have a word with him...

It seems this eyebrow bastard wants to talk about France-san...

FRANCE: But you used to be always pestering me to be carried...

SEYCHELLES: That was in the paaaaast!!

ENGLAND: You pervert!

FRANCE: Damnit... It's an expression of love you don't understand!

ENGLAND: You are too loose with your lower half! I'm talking about morals in this school! You harassing old man!! Beard!

FRANCE: Idiot, I do that only to the people I love... It's not sexual harassmeeeent!

FRANCE: Ah, it's because you've never been loved by English people! So you don't understand~ Ha ha ha ha!


SEYCHELLES: Even being here became somewhat embarassing...


FRANCE: What? Though you used to ask to be carried...

Come to think of it, he used to carry me around in his arms... Yeeeah I'm ashamed just by remembering that!

TO #12

11. MANGA RESEARCH --> *Manga flag*

Yeah, let's try and go to that M.R. I was told about by those people...

ENGLAND: Idiot! Idiot!! If you keep with this character I'll only have revolutions! Idiot!

FRANCE: Hahaha... Don't worry about that, you violent young master... hahaha...

Ok, I might as well say it aloud.

SEYCHELLES: I'm going to manga research club for a while...


SEYCHELLES: It's nothing but a storage room.

SEYCHELLES: Ehhh... Excuse me. Is this Manga Resear--



There's a really scary person seated there...!

GERMANY: ...Who are you?

SEYCHELLES: I-I-I-I-I am... Seychelles. I'm not good to eat! I'm sorry!

GERMANY: ...What are you doing here?

SEYCHELLES: ...Ah... A-a-a-ah... Erm... That... Before, in the corridor... Italy-san and Japan-san asked me to come here...

GERMANY: Sit down.

SEYCHELLES: Excuse me...

GERMANY: ...Wait there.


Eeeeeh...? Those two...? Why is someone so scary like him in...? Uwaaaaah, but I already can't escape...!!

Tick tock tick tock tick tock...



SEYCHELLES: ...Erm... It's a nice day.


SEYCHELLES: Er... It's manga research here, right?


SEYCHELLES: I'm sorry...

GERMANY: Why are you apologizing?

SEYCHELLES: Aren't you angry?


SEYCHELLES: ...Really?


It's soooo unpleasant...!!
What it this intimidating aura... I'm going to get crushed by it...!!
It's seriously unpleasant...

But if I leave like this, I feel it'll be rude...
He looks like he would strangle me if I'm imprudent...
Ahh, it's scary scary the world is scary.

The waves of the intimidating aura are getting closer!
I can't stand it anymore. I'm scared. I feel like I'm going to pee myself. Maybe I'll just go to the toilet...

GERMANY: ...They're here.


ITALY: Helloooo!! Trooper Italy has made his arrival!


ITALY: Sey-chan came here!! Uhyaaaa- I'm so happy!

SEYCHELLES: I...Italy-saaaaaaaaaan!!

ITALY: What? Why are you a bit teary eyed? A-a-a-are you okay?


JAPAN: Good aftern--- Ah... What's the matter?

GERMANY: I don't know.

ITALY: Ah-- Maybe Germany did something bad? Germany isn't used to deal with girls, so...

JAPAN: Ah... I could imagine that. Do not mind that, as Germany is this kind of person.

SEYCHELLES: ah, so it's Germany-san...

GERMANY: That's a nickname.
[T/N: They've been referring to him as "doitsu"]
Officially I'm Deutschland, and I'm in Europe class.

GERMANY: ...Italy, what's the meaning of this. I want an explanation.

ITALY: Errrm Sey-chan bumped into me in the corridor, and then I asked her if she wouldn't come here to M.R.

GERMANY: I don't see why.

SEYCHELLES: It's really just like that...

JAPAN: This is Seychelles-san, she took the trouble to come here. Should I explain something about the club?

GERMANY: Yeah, that'd be better.

ITALY: Ahh! I'll do it! I'll do it!!
This club is about BAM! reading manga and watching anime! It gets so WHOOOSH!

JAPAN: ...In this club, we do some research on manga and we even try and draw some ourselves.

JAPAN: It is I who organized it, but they are the most enthusiastic about it.

SEYCHELLES: I see. Drawing them yourself is cool.

ITALY: Actually, now... We want it to be a full-fledged club, so we asked the Student council time after time, but England won't give a definite answer...

SEYCHELLES: It's a really stubborn guy, isn't he.

GERMANY: Exactly.

SEYCHELLES: (Ah, he agreed with me.)

Ah, right. Could that eyebrow jerk and France-san have stopped fighting? If that was the case, they could notice I sneaked away and that would be bothersome...

ENGLAND: As a punishment, I order you to clean all the library and the men's toilets!

If it's going to be like this, I don't wanna...

SEYCHELLES: Well, I'm going back to Student council...

ITALY: Are you leaving already? Ah, right! Wait a minute!

SEYCHELLES: Hm? What is it?

ITALY: Ah... Where did it go... Here it is!

ITALY: Look! If you want to, read this manga! It's really funny!


JAPAN: Italy-kun. Isn't that too maniacal for a beginner?

GERMANY: Yeah. That's a manga you can only love or hate.

ITALY: Eehh... But THIS is the most stupid one and the one I love the most!

SEYCHELLES: (Stupid, eh?)
Erm... Okay, then... I'll take this...

ITALY: Veeeh, so it's settled! You can give it back whenever you want, so read it in your free time!

SEYCHELLES: Yes! I got i--- HEAVY! How many volumes is this?

ITALY: 25 in total...

SEYCHELLES: (Heavy! It's too heavy...!!)

But they lent it to me so I have to take them with me with a strong will power...! Go, me! But if I don't pay attention, I'll sink... maybe I'll contribute to the sea level rising...

JAPAN: Ah, do you need help to carry them?

SEYCHELLES: No, I'm fine... I'm pretty strong... FUNNUUUUUUUHHHHH!!!

SEYCHELLES: S-see you, thanks for THESE, everyone...

SEYCHELLES: Funnuuhh!! Hah hah... I'll take... them... back... when I finish re...reading them!!

ITALY: Yeah! Come back soon, Sey-chan!

JAPAN: Will you be fine, without having the comics carried for you? ..Then... good bye...

GERMANY: Take care.

SEYCHELLES: S-see youuuuuu!!

Hah... Suddenly I have a lot of baggage... It'll be bad if the dorms are far away...

So how will the dorms be like? My luggage should have been already sent there but if I came back today I'll have to arrange them so I'm not going to have some spare time for the manga.

Ah, but manga? How's it? Interesting? I'll try and read some when I get back hom--- HEAVYYYYY!!

TO #12


AMERICA: Aah, hey, you!!

SEYCHELLES: Ah, yes... What's the matter?

AMERICA: Haven't you seen England by any chance? ENGLAND!! He's sorta... he has eyebrows like thiiiis, and he's short like thiiiiis...

SEYCHELLES: Ah-- He was raging in the student council room a moment ago. He's busy right now.

AMERICA: I see! Thanks! So, really... he's busy, huh... Hmm... ah....

AMERICA: Now that I think about it, I haven't seen you around here, you're a new face. Are you a country born recently?

SEYCHELLES: Heh, yeah. I'm Seychelles. As an island, I lived quite long, but ehh... I got a name just a while ago and this is my first day in this school.

Er... So until a while ago no other country knew about you?

SEYCHELLES: That's right. I'm isolated, right in the middle of the Indian Ocean... I was living lazily with my grandfather.

AMERICA: S-so does that mean you have a history or a strange culture I never knew about until now!?

SEYCHELLES: If you stare at me with such sparkling eyes, this island country will worry...

AMERICA: I've grown a deep interest in you right now! Ah erm, my name is America!

AMERICA: My hobbies are archaeology and studying the cultures of other countries! So please teach me a lot about yourself!

SEYCHELLES: Er... In my house... there're no ruins, it's just forests and sea. And we just don't have that many myths...

AMERICA: Cool! Cool! Myths! Awesome!! It's really "great"
[T/N: in katakana English in the original]
It's so romantic...!!
*Hah Hah (*´д`)*

SEYCHELLES: R-really...?

D-does he really think myths are such a cool thing?...

Our myths are like "There's a palm tree which resembles a woman's XX", they're really obscene...

*America takes out a map.*

AMERICA: I'm here. Where are you? Ah... and how far would you be from NY?

SEYCHELLES: Eh--- I'm...

SEYCHELLES: It's just a map of America...!

SEYCHELLES: This is not a world map! I'm totally edited out!!

AMERICA: Eh... But it's a world map.
There's America...
There's Texas...
Yeah. Isn't it a world map?

SEYCHELLES: ...Today I'm kinda tired of being the sane one...
[T/N: Tsukkomi, the one who reacts to something stupid the other comedian in a couple says]

AMERICA: Noo, I want to be friends with you!
A solitary island, myths, nature... It's awesome!! And that necklace is stylish too.

SEYCHELLES: Ah, t-this, was put on me by that eyebrow guy you were looking for.

AMERICA: Ah--- England did--- Is he still doing these things? He's been a bit nervous lately. It's better if you don't make him mad...

*A door opens*

ENGLAND: Shit... When France comes in nothing decent remains...

AMERICA: Ah, there he is!
Well, I'll ask him about your history and culture!

SEYCHELLES: Ehhh... Good bye...

AMERICA: *aside* A solitary island of the Indian Ocean... My archaeologist "spirit" is aching...!!

*far away*

AMERICA: Oooi, England. I heard it from that girl. You never learn, do you?

ENGLAND: Shut up! You too, back then...

AMERICA: That's in the past. You always speak about the past only!

FRANCE: Ha ha ha... Joy, joy...

ENGLAND: Shut up! Beard!

Ah, I was looking from afar but it was
quite interesting (*'v'*)
T-That Eyebrows is about to go home, maybe. So maybe I can leave too?


SEYCHELLES: Moreover, I have this large baggage...


So I'm going to my dorm, but I have no idea about where it is. Hmm... I better ask someone...

wander wander...

wander wander...

SEYCHELLES: Even if I go around, it's useless... Should I really ask? Ah... but if I met someone else like England and they made me into a colony again, what would I do?

That guy seems okay... His face looks harmless.

SEYCHELLES: Erm... Excuse me... Do you know where the students dorm is?

RUSSIA: Eh...?

SEYCHELLES: ...Don't... you... know...?

Ah? Whaaat? It seems like the atmosphere became tense, is it just me?

RUSSIA: Hm... What's the matter?

That's strange... what could it be?

SEYCHELLES: Auh... That... st... stud...

He's smiling, but I can't help thinking he's scary... I really chose the wrong person.

SEYCHELLES: T-t-t-t-t-t ... that s-stu-stu-stu-stu-student! Student dorm, where is it...

I'm stuttering, aren't I! Eeeehh... It's so strange, why is that.

RUSSIA: Eh? The students' dorm... where could it be?

SEYCHELLES: (He asked me instead.)
Ah, if you don't know it's okay! Thank you very much...!

RUSSIA: That's too bad. But you asked me. So. Lithuania. Where's the dorm?

LITHUANIA: Eh! Aaah, yes! I'm in this school for just a little, so it's complicated, and explaining it is difficult... er... erm...

What happened, he's staring at me...

RUSSIA: Ahh, isn't that person looking for you?


*Austria is wandering*

AUSTRIA: *with a megaphone* Seychelles-san, Africa class! If you're out there, come here!

SEYCHELLES: Ah... It's true...

I'm a bit ashamed that he's yelling my name like that... It's like I were kidnapped, or something.

RUSSIA: Ahahah... Good! He's one of the staff, so maybe he'll take you to the dorm.

SEYCHELLES: I...Is that so?

G-good... Though more than the safety of being able to go to the dorm, the feeling of liberation about going away from this guy is stronger...

RUSSIA: I carried out my duty, right? I carried it out.

SEYCHELLES: Y-Yes! So, thank you very mu--

RUSSIA: Hey, you.

*Russia grabs Seychelles' collar*

RUSSIA: You're a colony.

RUSSIA: And moreover, of a country I hate much.

RUSSIA: Being forced to put this thing on you... Poor thing...

RUSSIA: If you don't like being an English territory come see me. I'll let you quit immediately.


*lets go of the collar*

RUSSIA: Ehe. So, take care. Dasvidanya. [T/N: I don't know correct Russian spelling.]

SEYCHELLES: ........

[T/N: Using the actual katakana English words "king of"]

I think the fact I'm terribly cold right now has nothing to do with the season...


SEYCHELLES: UHYA! Yes! What is it?

LITHUANIA: I-It may be better for you if you don't hang out much with Russia-san... Yeah, it's, for the sake... of your future...


LITHUANIA: You look like a southern country... erhm, really, either that person and the school are dangerous... You can't call them carelessly.

SEYCHELLES: Y-yeah. I see... But...

LITHUANIA: ...Because... That... He... will make you suffer... like I am...


Ah... G-good bye... Really! Take care...!

SEYCHELLES: Ah, yes. See ya...

SEYCHELLES: What was that...? He didn't seem like a friend of that guy's...

AUSTRIA: Seychelles-san, Africa class, come here at once!

SEYCHELLES: Erm, I'm Seychelles!

AUSTRIA: *turns megaphone off* Ah, so you are Seychelles? I'm happy to meet you.

AUSTRIA: I was worried that perhaps, being English territory, you might have been picked on.

SEYCHELLES: How did you know that?

AUSTRIA: It's a joke.


*Residential area*

AUSTRIA: I will guide you to the dormitories, so please follow me.

SEYCHELLES: Ah, I'm sorry about going around...
I didn't know I could be showed around the dorms...

AUSTRIA: Do not worry. Freshmen control, as well as morals control, are the commitee's job.

SEYCHELLES: There is such a committee? Ah, Four-eyes...

AUSTRIA: I am Austria. I also go as Österreich.

SEYCHELLES: Y-yeah. So, Australia-san.

AUSTRIA: You idiot.

SEYCHELLES: (Eh, this four-eyes just called me idiot! Idiot!)

AUSTRIA: It's Austria. Please remember it from now on.

AUSTRIA: Landlocked in the middle of the Alps, I was modeled from the Hallstatt culture of the 5th century; in 1156 I was born as Archduchy of Austria in the Holy Roman Empire; in the 15th century, under the House of Habsburg, which established a firm status, I grew up, but due to the Thirty Years' War, that caused disorder in the Holy Roman Empire, I spent the flower of my youth amidst troubles...

SEYCHELLES: (What a long introduction...)

SEYCHELLES: I understand. (I didn't understand)
You're a great person!

AUSTRIA: I have not finished reciting my personal history. A personal history can't be uneven.

SEYCHELLES: (H-hah... I can't tell if he's really serious or really spaced out...)

AUSTRIA: I am a country famous for its music. Even Beethoven and Schubert were raised in my country.
*They're both German.*

SEYCHELLES: Ah, I know Beethoven! My grandfather loves it, so we have a record!

AUSTRIA: Is that so. I'm happy.

SEYCHELLES: Yes! I often listen to the Fifth. The one that goes: DA DA DA DAAAAN!

AUSTRIA: I like his music too, he was extremely creative. I use to play it too.

AUSTRIA: He is famous as a deaf composer, but according to the latest research it seems that the cause of both his deafness and his death was a big quantity of arsenic. Arsenic was found in the results of his body's autopsy. Wien at that time was thriving not only with music, but with industry too. This marked the beginning of river poisoning, and Beethoven, who loved freshwater fish, was thought of having been poisoned with arsenic absorbed from fish in polluted rivers.




So, listening endlessly to vast amount of knowledge on music, we somehow arrived to the women's dorms... Maybe my head will get better...

AUSTRIA: This is the women's dormitory. Most of the facilities are prepared. Though, since there is no soundproof room I am not very satisfied about it, personally...

SEYCHELLES: (I don't need a soundproof room)
So I'll be living here from now on...

AUSTRIA: As I told you before, I guided you to the women's dormitory, but I won't go further.

SEYCHELLES: Well, thank you very much for taking me all the way here.

HUNGARY: Ah, Austria-san! I was waiting for you! She must be the new student.

AUSTRIA: Hungary, I trust you with her. Well, I'll leave. Listen to this girl, now.


HUNGARY: A-aaaaahh! Austria-san, are you leaving already?

AUSTRIA: I bid you farewell.

HUNGARY: Aaah... He left... Hah... I love his zeal about work, but...

SEYCHELLES: Ahem... are you okay?

HUNGARY: Yeah! I'm fine. Er... I'm sorry you had to see me in a weird moment. I'm alright now.

HUNGARY: Nice to meet you, I'm Hungary, and my heart is Austrian territory. Well you may have already found that out...

SEYCHELLES: (Her heart is Austrian territory!?) Nice to meet you... I'm Seychelles, from Africa class.

HUNGARY: I heard about you. You're the Eden of the South, right? How wonderful...

SEYCHELLES: No, no, actually I'm far from that ideal. Life costs are high, there's nothing but turtles...

HUNGARY: Kusu kusu
[T/N: it's a chuckling sound] ...
Turtles are cuteee! Ah! Do you want to go straight to your room? Or, would you like to have something to drink at the cafeteria instead?

SEYCHELLES: Well, I'm a bit thirsty so I'd like to drink something!

HUNGARY: Ok, this way.

SEYCHELLES: Haaah, thank you!

15. MY ROOM - DAY 1

HUNGARY: 202... ah, here it is. Seychelle-san's room! It's nice because it's close to the stairs.

HUNGARY: Okay! If you don't understand something come ask me, whenever you want! [T/N: It's a bit formal, in a strange way though]

SEYCHELLES: Ahaha, what's that?

HUNGARY: Hm? It's the favourite phrase of a little friend of mine.

SEYCHELLES: Eeeh. See you, thanks!


*door closed*

Uh... I'm tired...

This is my first day, and too many things already happened...

I lived everyday like that, waking up in the morning, catching fish, dancing, singing, and when the sun settled down I would eat and sleep, and now it's too strong of a shock...

Ugghh... Let's try to put everything in order.
In the morning, as I arrived, I became and English colony, then I was told about my class by a nice panda, then France-san was being a pervert old man, then I met the guys at the M.R., there were guys with glasses who looked stupid nonetheless, scary guys and weak guys, I was taken to the dorm by the guy with glasses, Hungary-san is cute...

And that's about it.
I feel like I have skipped something, but I actually feel good about having done so...

Oh well. Now I'll change, wash my face and go to bed...
Wahh, my lips are chipped... My hair is terrible... Ugyah...

I don't even have the strength to go eat dinner... It's bad. Is there something wrong with my strength?


So I went on a trip in the dream world without as much as arranging my things.



SPEAKERS: Seychelles. Seychelles. Telephone. Please come to the front as soon as possible.


SEYCHELLES: Eh... What... When people are sleeping...

HUNGARY: Ah, did you wake up?

SEYCHELLES: Uwah, Hungary-san, did they just call me? What's the matter? I was sleeping so well...

HUNGARY: Ahh, so you were asleep, as I thought. Your bed hair is cuteeee. Bed hairrrr...
It seems you had to go through a lot, today.

HUNGARY: They called you, but, do you know where's the phone? Do you want me to take you there?

SEYCHELLES: Yes, please...

SEYCHELLES: Calling people at such a time... Maybe it's my grandfather... Uhuhu... What a stupid granddaughter...

HUNGARY: Aha... It's good!

SEYCHELLES: Do you have someone like that, Hungary-san?

HUNGARY: Yeaaah... Hun-san is sort of my parental figure...

HUNGARY: I was from an equestrian tribe, and Hun-san raised me, but he was so strict... I taught me just how to fight.

SEYCHELLES: Uha... That's awful...

HUNGARY: Well, all of my neighbours loved to fight amongst themselves, and it was full of people, so it couldn't be helped...

HUNGARY: I was treated very harshly, but anyway I was sort of a weakling in fight... used to lose a lot...

HUNGARY: AAHH! Everyday, everyday taking my bow with me, and that was supposed to be the flower of my youth!?

SEYCHELLES: Hungary-san, calm down!!


SEYCHELLES: ...Wow...! Such a negative power!! It doesn't feel like you could beat them!

HUNGARY: Hah, hah, ...Ah, sorry...
I really have a lot of flashbacks in which I am enduring the most horrible things... Ehe...

SEYCHELLES: (I'm kind of happy to be an island...)

HUNGARY: It's here. The telephone is inside the front office, so it's okay if you tell the reception staff.

SEYCHELLES: T-thank you!

HUNGARY: Hey, hurry up! You don't wanna keep you grandfather waiting, now do you?

SEYCHELLES: That's right!
Ah, excuse me. I'm Seychelles, there's a telephone call for...

RECEPTION: Aah, Seychelles-san, there's a call for you. They told they musn't be kept waiting, so please hurry.

SEYCHELLES: Y-yeah!! Okay, let's not be too excited... Hello--

ENGLAND: You! What were you thinking, leaving like that, today!

SEYCHELLES: It's youuu!

ENGLAND: What do you mean "it's you"?!
It's your MASTER!

SEYCHELLES: Uuh... What is this chagrin, this dodging feeling surging from my heart!!!

HUNGARY: Ah... It's England-kun, huh...

Uwah, even Hungary-san made a "uwah" face!

SEYCHELLES: Fine, then I'll make you want to hang up!

SEYCHELLES: Allons enfants de la Patrie,
Le jour de glorie est arrivé...

ENGLAND: Stop that! My ears are rotting!

SEYCHELLES: So, what did you want, Eyebrows?

ENGLAND: Who are you calling Eyebrows? Is this the way to listen to your Master? You really need some education!

ENGLAND: Ah... anyway back to business... Why did you leave before the others today!?

SEYCHELLES: E-eh... Yeaaah...
It was the will of God... maybe?
There was that light, moving...
and the voices... ...went like... beeping...

ENGLAND: .......


SEYCHELLES: ...I'm really sorry.

ENGLAND: ...Y-you can see that?
I want to hear about that in detail, another day.

SEYCHELLES: He fell for it...!?

ENGLAND: Th-though I... It was your first day in school, wasn't it. So I thought... I'd treat you to dinner or something.... *mutter mutter*

SEYCHELLES: Eh... Really...?

ENGLAND: Ahem. Of course.
I'm the country of gentlemen, after all.

Wh-what about waiting till tomorrow, then?

ENGLAND: O...Okay, something like that.

SEYCHELLES: Y...yeah, er...

That Eyebrows wants to...

SEYCHELLES: You have a nice side too, it's surprising.

ENGLAND: W-well see you tomorrow!!

SEYCHELLES: ...The bastard hung up...


SEYCHELLES: He wanted to have dinner together with me.

HUNGARY: Oh dear. It is like England-kun. He's the type of guy who pays a lot of attention to manners.

HUNGARY: But, that's also scary...

SEYCHELLES: Don't say unsettling things so suddenly!


*In dreams*

SEYCHELLES: Graaandpa, someone came...

GRANDPA: Oh... That is...

SEYCHELLES: What, grandpa?

GRANDPA: This island too...

GRANDPA: It will... become a little noisier here...

SEYCHELLES: What do you mean...?

*Young France appears*


Uh... it's still dark outside...

It's 2, huh... I woke up at a strange time. It's my first day, and I've got jet-lag... It's not like I would become used to it so easily...

SEYCHELLES: Fwah... I have nothing to do, so let's read that manga...

*It's a digest of the early stage of Kitako- broadcasting club*

SEYCHELLES: I don't get a thiiiing!!

But they gave it to me telling it was good... So there must be something good in it!

So I first came in contact with manga, and when I finished reading one volume full of expressions so strange that my head ached, I went to sleep again...




SEYCHELLES: Hm... hhhmmmmmm!!!

It's already so bright outside... I feel weird, waking up to singing birds I had never heard of before.


SEYCHELLES: Ah... I was abandoned in this big, big world...

Looking out of the window like this, I get sentimental. Why, in my island, 2-stories buildings that aren't hotels are rare...

SEYCHELLES: Alright! I'll do my best and go to school today...!

*room full of cardboard boxes*

SEYCHELLES: A-afterwards I'll tidy up the room...

SEYCHELLES: First of all, if I'm not tough enough, this school will eat me alive...!
So I'll be tough!



HUNGARY: Ah... Good morning!
Haven't you eaten yet?
Sit here, sit down!

SEYCHELLES: Hah, Good morning...
Eh... By the way, how do you have breakfast here?

HUNGARY: You line up over there and get your breakfast, then you bring what you like here.
Ah, right. What do you usually eat for breakfast, Seychelles-san?

SEYCHELLES: Flying fish and rice.

HUNGARY: ...Well, well that can be a problem...
Here there's pancakes and such...

SEYCHELLES: Ah, no, it's okay, I can eat food other than flying fish, so it's fine...

I already became the center of attention from the morning.

*Outside home*

HUNGARY: Ah, Austria-san, good morning!!

AUSTRIA: Good morning, you two.

AUSTRIA: Seychelles-san. Is there any problem with you going to school even without my presence?

SEYCHELLES: Ah, no, it's okay.

HUNGARY: It's fine! I'll steadily take her there!
Don't worry about anything, Austria-san! Yes!

AUSTRIA: I see. Then I'm counting on you.

HUNGARY: Y---yes! See you in school!

SEYCHELLES: Ah, thank you for coming.

AUSTRIA: Yes, farewell then.

*Austria leaves*

HUNGARY: Khhaaaa... Awesome... Fuuuck...

SEYCHELLES: (Hungary-san sometimes lets out rather boyish words...)

It was afternoon in autumn when I thought that equestrian tribes were a little weird.


*Dormitory entrance*

FRANCE: Heeeeey Seycheeeeelles!!

SEYCHELLES: What? France-san?
What are you doing here...?

FRANCE: Hm, ah...Why, I came to meet the princess ☆

SEYCHELLES: I'm not a princess... Thank you very much...

FRANCE: Hmm, the uniform really suits you... Yeah, it's very cute.
Ah, right, right! Did you eat your breakfast properly?

SEYCHELLES: Ah, yes! More or less... I ate properly...

FRANCE: That's a good thing. You know, people your age want to be on a diet, and they skip their meat.

SEYCHELLES: Ahahah... Yes. I'll keep eating all of my breakfast.

...I wonder how old France-san is...

FRANCE: So... Shall I escort the princess to her school?

SEYCHELLES: Oui, please...

Ehehe... The fact that he came here in the morning to see me makes me a bit happy.

...But, it could just be another move of France-san's to hit on girls...

FRANCE: ...Hmm?

SEYCHELLES: N-Nothing. It's just I'm happy you came to take me to school.

FRANCE: Really--?
Then maybe I'll come here everyday from today on!

SEYCHELLES: Yeeahh... If you can...

If we were seen together by some friends I'd me so ashamed...

*In town*

FRANCE: So, do you think everything will go well at school?

SEYCHELLES: Hmmm, I don't know. It's been just 2 days... And there are still a lot of things I don't understand about the school...

SEYCHELLES: Also, if everything will go well...? a little anxious...

FRANCE: Whaaaat, since I'm here it'll be alright.
If England says anything, I'll help you out!

SEYCHELLES: Yeah, thank you.

FRANCE: Aren't you cold, Seychelles? You've been squeezing yourself in for a while.

SEYCHELLES: Yeah. I'm a bit cold...
I didn't think autums could be this cold, though...

FRANCE: Right. That's right. At your home it's almost summer all year long, that's why.

SEYCHELLES: H-hah. And to think that it's going to be even colder... I'm a bit scared...

FRANCE: Hahaha... Seychelles, you have nothing to worry about!


FRANCE: We could walk close like this everyday ☆!

*People passing by*



FRANCE: Haah, haah... My... My bad, for getting closer suddenly...

SEYCHELLES: O-oui... Haah, haah... I'm sorry too for yelling suddenly...

FRANCE: I was kidding, really... kidding... I was kidding, yeah.
If you're not careful, grandpa will catch you...

SEYCHELLES: (He referred to himself as "grandpa"...)
Y-yes... I'll think seriously about getting back to you with another joke... Yes.
[T/N: maybe]

France-san will be France-san...


23. DAY 2 - SCHOOL

SEYCHELLES: It's cold! It's too cold!!

(Today it's so cold even inside the school...!
It's too harsh for me, my average lowest temperature is 24 degrees Celsius!!)

STUDENT 1: Hello! It's you, Seychelles-chan? I think this school is really cold too...

SEYCHELLES: Uhhh... It's really cold...
It would be better if they raised the heating a little bit...

STUDENT 1: No way. The heating in classrooms is for Europe class standards...

STUDENT 2: That's bad! I was watching the tv yesterday, and they said that it may snow too!

I've never seen snow. What would it be like?
If it was white, and falling softly, it would be fantastic...

*Seychelles is looking up at the window*

SEYCHELLES: It will.. snow...

*Ding dong dang dong*


SEYCHELLES: Damnit! Give me back my fantasy!

STUDENT 1: ...Be strong...

*Student council*

ENGLAND: Hm, you came.

SEYCHELLES: Yes, yes. So,what the heck do you want?

ENGLAND: ...Ah, the tea. Make some tea.

SEYCHELLES: Eh... If you had the time to call me through the speakers you have the time to make some yourself as well...

ENGLAND: S-shut up!
I'll teach you how to make tea, so keep it in mind!


ENGLAND: Cut the "oui"! Say YES!

*England's lecture on tea*

ENGLAND: First of all, you need this can of Assam, soft water, and then milk and white sugar.

ENGLAND: First you put this soft water on the fire. In the meanwhile let the teapot warm on the range or something.

ENGLAND: Then you put the tea leaves in the pot. You add the hot water from the kettle and stir.


ENGLAND: Don't sound like you don't want to do that....
After this, you let it cook for about three minutes.

ENGLAND: After putting milk in the cup, you pour the tea and then add sugar as you like. And that's about it.

ENGLAND: Ah, right! The standard temperature for drinking it is around 60 degrees Celsius.

SEYCHELLES: Yeeaah... I have a certain feeling you're too obsessive with this.

ENGLAND: This is an obsession an Englishman can't live without. Well, now you do it.


ENGLAND: Eh... You...

ENGLAND: I have done it right in front of you just now. And you can't do it? Seriously...

SEYCHELLES: Uhh... Demon. Fiend. Eyebrows.
I got it. I'll try doing that, okay?

*Seychelles and tea*

SEYCHELLES: Ack! I'll make a tea so good that that Eyebrows will let out rays of light from his mouth!

SEYCHELLES: Okay, now for the tea leaves...


SEYCHELLES: Then, water...


SEYCHELLES: Then, boil the water...
Put the tea leaves in the pot...
Then again it was "put hot water and leave it for three minutes".

SEYCHELLES: So, the serving temperature was...

- 100° (6)
- 70°
- 60°
- 30° (7)

SEYCHELLES: Yeah! I made it!!
I'm quite good at making tea!!


ENGLAND: Hm... Did you make it properly?

SEYCHELLES: Yes! I'm really confident about it!
It'll make you ask lovingly "make tea for me everyday"!

ENGLAND: ...Well, we'll see that after I drink it...

SEYCHELLES: How is it? How is it?

ENGLAND: Pwuh!!!

SEYCHELLES: Eh, I didn't poison it!

ENGLAND: That's all wrong!! You didn't understand a thing!

*If you chose:*

ENGLAND: It clearly doesn't taste like tea!

ENGLAND: You think you can fool an Englishman with a tea pack?
A tea pack!
Is that a tea pack... a pack...

ENGLAND: T-this... When you use mineral water the tea smells strange!

ENGLAND: And you used a strange water! Don't make it utterly detestable!

ENGLAND: I said boil it gently! Don't give me dangerous things!

ENGLAND: You must be brave, to serve me cooled down tea...

ENGLAND: Anyway this tea is horrible! Hopeless!!
Make it again! AGAINNNN!!

SEYCHELLES: Bigyaaaa!!

Afterwards, I was forced to skip all my classes in order to be able to make tea properly, and I endured Eyebrows bastard's super hard training...

*out of the campus*




TO #27

25. IF SUCCEEDED --> *England flag +1*



SEYCHELLES: How is it?

ENGLAND: S... So so.

ENGLAND: Don't you drink it?

SEYCHELLES: Hah, y...yeah.

SEYCHELLES: Ah, it's good...

ENGLAND: That's because it's high quality tea, chosen carefully over long years from the British Empire.

SEYCHELLES: It got a bit worse, so wouldn't you shut up?

ENGLAND: Damn it... Why are you acting so self-important!

SEYCHELLES: Uhh... You of all people shouldn't be saying that...

ENGLAND: Enough! Shut up and drink!


*Tea is good*

SEYCHELLES: Fwa... good...


SEYCHELLES: Can I let grandpa drink it too when I'll go back home?

ENGLAND: Then you have to buy also the utensils...

SEYCHELLES: Ah... so pragmatic...

SEYCHELLES: (Ehe. Delicious...)

Maybe it's good, if we stay like this...

England: You're provincial.

...Maybe not.



SEYCHELLES: Uh... I'm tired...

School is already over, even though I didn't go to any classes...

SEYCHELLES: The only things I learned today are how to make tea and Eyebrow's variation...

SEYCHELLES: What should I do...
??? [There aren't any scenes between #27 and #32...]

SPEAKERS: Seychelles. Seychelles. There is a telephone call for you.

SEYCHELLES: Eh? Ah, yes...


SEYCHELLES: It must be grandpa today...

ENGLAND: YOUUUU!!! Why did you left early today too! How many hours did you want to make me wait!!

SEYCHELLES: Damn! Uwaah, it was...!! Sorry! I completely forgot about Eyebrows'...

ENGLAND: I'm not Eyebrooooowwwss!!

SEYCHELLES: Sorry! Sorry! I'm really sorry!

ENGLAND: Haah... Fine. Next time, tell me when you have the time for that. Okay?


ENGLAND: I'm already tired today. I'll ask your reason tomorrow, let's do that next time.


ENGLAND: See you! Good night!


ENGLAND: Don't say "oui"!

Damn... I forgot about the appointment. I acted bad to Eyebrows. I'll go apologize to him first thing in the morning...

????? [Even more random numbers missing here...]

91. FRANCE BAD END: FRANCE-SAMA (*´д`*) Haah haah

*It's the end that shows if you don't have enough affinity points with England*

FRANCE: What's the matter, Seychelles?
You look so down...

SEYCHELLES: Yeah, I'm feeling down... Everyday, everyday I'm working hard, I'm forced to remember English...

SEYCHELLES: And yet what is he thinking about? I still don't understand...

FRANCE: You don't need to understand him. Even I don't understand him, despite us being, unfortunately, inseparable for a long time.

SEYCHELLES: Honestly... I don't want to be his colony anymore...

FRANCE: Oh really.

FRANCE: In that case, I'll be your timely help!*niyo niyo*

SEYCHELLES: That laughter gives me a bad feeling!
B-but will you really help me? That...

FRANCE: Yes, of course. For people without love, touching with love is the most important thing. [T/N: Not sure about this one]

SEYCHELLES: (What an old expression... But oh well, let's let him help if he wants to...)

*Behind school building*

FRANCE: Oi, England.

ENGLAND: Hm, what?

FRANCE: Surrender your dominion over Seychelles.


FRANCE: Surrender.

ENGLAND: Absolutely not.


*France beats the crap out of England*




SEYCHELLES: That old man punched him!!

SEYCHELLES: He said THAT was love, but all in all it was just violence... The world is made of violence...!!

FRANCE: Haah haah... Sey... Seychelles...


FRANCE: From now on... Call me -sama.

SEYCHELLES: ... Y-Yes, France...-sa-sama...

So I fell under France-sama's control.


*France with Seychelles sitting on his knees*

SEYCHELLES: Is this what you mean with "control"...?

FRANCE: Haha, yeah. It's quite good, isn't it?

SEYCHELLES: Uhya! Your hands wandering all over are a bit embarassing!

FRANCE: Isn't it fine? That is an expression of love as well.

SEYCHELLES: ...Yeaah... Somehow...

Yeaaah, I often think his amount of physical contact is a bit excessive in comparison to other countries, but since being loved means being happy, oh well.

FRANCE: Right! Would you like to have dinner at my house tonight? I stocked up on delicious huîtres at the market yesterday.

SEYCHELLES: Are you serious!? I'll come! I want to come! I want to eat oysters, oysters! OYSTERS!!

FRANCE: Seychelles, you're so more pure than any other countries it's cute...

FRANCE: Alright! So, shall we have a party just you and me, to celebrate Seychelles becoming French territory today?

SEYCHELLES: Can you have a party with only two people? I thought there would have to be a lot more people.

FRANCE: Ahah, I can, I can. Because I'm a magician.

He says such lame things... But I want to eat oysters. And then, France-san's...ah, -sama's house must be so wonderful. Uhyaaa, I can't wait!!

SEYCHELLES: So, so, I'll come with you for dinner...

FRANCE: Oh. That's good.

*France's house*

SEYCHELLES: Uwaaaah, it's huuuuuuuge!!
It's even bigger than the town hall in Victoria!
*Note: Victoria is the capital of Seychelles*

SEYCHELLES: Being able to eat oysters in a place so luxurious... I'm happy to be a French colony...!

FRANCE: Haha, Seychelles, it's not there, it's this way.

SEYCHELLES: Eh? But isn't there "dining room" written over there...? So it must be... oh well, fine...


SEYCHELLES: Paaaaartyyyyyy!!!! Oysteeeeeeeeerrrssss!! Oy... eh?

SEYCHELLES: Eh? It's not a par... Do you really eat food in here?

FRANCE: Oh, no, Seychelles, you're so pure, so cute. This situation will lead to that, you know...

*The door is locked*

FRANCE: There would be only one thing to do, right?
*heinous aura*

*Bad end staff roll*



[T/N: They are actually put in this order.]

After that, England worked be so hard I became like a ragged dust cloth...

SEYCHELLES: Like it or not, the payback day will come... it will! So I have to hold on!!!

SEYCHELLES: Oh, right! Even the ugly duckling one day will become a swan, flapping its wings in the sky!! So hold on! Hold on, me!!

SEYCHELLES: Ah, that bookshelf is falli--


SEYCHELLES: I... I finished cleaning the library... Well, the falling bookshelf was pretty awf---

ENGLAND: Hm, now, tea.



ENGLAND: What are you saying!

SEYCHELLES: You can make your own tea!! I'm not your colony anymore, starting from todaaaaay!!

ENGLAND: Wha--- I-is that a declaration of war!?

SEYCHELLES: I'll declare war to you, whatever!! I just can't stand this kind of life anymore! I CAAAANNNNN'T!!!

ENGLAND: Aah, wait! Oi! Wa---!

SEYCHELLES: Bigyaaaaaa!

*Behind gymnasium*

ITALY: ..? W-what's wrong?

SEYCHELLES: Please! Won't you let me be your friend!?

JAPAN: Eh... But you are one of England-kun's c...

SEYCHELLES: I'm not! I'm not a colony of that big jerk Eyebrows, no way I'll let that bastard work me hard again!
A colony, an exclusive sight-seeing area, I'll be whatever you want me to be! Please!!

GERMANY: Calm down!!

ITALY: I-I don't know what happened, but are you okay?

SEYCHELLES: I'm not okay at all!! I'll knock him down! That bastard England!!!
I'll beat him down!!
I'll HOMICIDE him!!




Scenes #1-6:
Tags: -austria, -england, -france, -hungary, -lithuania, -russia, -seychelles, fan: translation
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