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[question] speech patterns, icons

I was wondering if anyone could please list any special dialects or speech patterns of the cast so far, even the ones we already know, like China's "aru." For example, who uses super polite speech, who speaks like a country bumpkin or thug, etc. And for translators or fic writers, do you translate all of them or is that kinda lame/difficult/weird?
(Please let me know if this has been discussed before, too, I may have missed it. Thanks!)

Sweden – mumbles/grunts, Aidzu-ben, Northern accent
Denmark – Ibaraki-ben, Northern accent
Finland - doesn't speak in the Northern accent, I guess?
China – “aru” and other fillers, like a stereotypical Chinese person speaking Japanese
Poland – Valley girl (like, totally), Nagoya high school girl
Turkey – Tokyo thug, Brooklyn accent
Japan – polite
Korea – cool, modern style, polite to China/America but rude to Japan
Spain – Kansai/Osaka, Southern accent
S. Italy – curses a lot
Austria – polite-formal, sophisticated?
Russia – well-mannered, a bit childish
US – condescending but not rude, loud, informal but still nice?
Canada – polite-shy, uses honorifics
UK – curses often, sometimes in English
N. Italy - a bit childish, says "beh" a lot
Hungary - used masculine pronouns as a child
Lithuania – polite except with friends/brothers
Sealand – childish, rude-emphatic
Switzerland – very high formal, old-fashioned?
Liechtenstein – high formal/polite feminine
Hong-kong – “gyaru,” mixes English and Japanese/Chinese, stylish, metrosexual, not serious
Cuba – Kawachi-ben (Southern accent) with Spain/other Spanish-speaking countries

Edit: looks like the only one we're missing that people wanted to know about is Prussia

And here's 3 official art icons: US and Canada

--- no credit or comment necessary

I forgot to put this in my last post: my fanart is not meant to be iconed or reposted anywhere. If you see anyone reposting my stuff in any form, they do not have good taste in art probably weren't paying attention. But since I resolved to be less of a douchebag this year, feel free to make a request and if I fill it, you can do whatever you want with that specific art. Crediting me and no hare-brained money-making schemes would be appreciated, of course. And like all resolutions, this will only last a limited time, hah hah.
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