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I've got an Idea!



Did I get your attention? Alright, good. Cause this is still an idea in the works...

For more infomations please, click on cut

So basically, it's like the whole "Where the Hell is Matt?" deal... Except I'm going to make it extremely simple. As in very simple.

You've went to the cons! You've went to the gatherings! You've had your photoshoots! You've had nearly a full year's worth of cosplay fun!

So let's archive that shall we? I don't care how big or small the meeting was... You got pictures, you got videos, I want it. Like I said, it's going to be similar to "Where the Hell is Matt?" except there's no running theme of everybody dancing. It'll be like "Where the Hell is Matt?" meets APHell, except it's not an AMV. And focuses more on the fans all around the world.

Now, I understand, this is going to take a lot of work, and somebody extremely tech savvy. So unless you, the Hetalia fan, are up for it, this video is no show. So tell me, straight up.

Do You Want It? Yes No
So there's still a lot of things not definite. But once I get your answer, I will create a community. Hire tech savvy people. And put a place for you guys to enter in your photos, videos, and skits. But the skits have to be only a portion... So I don't think skits would work... I do know this: If your entry is two and a half years old, it might not come through... And the final submission date is the second week of December so full coverage of the entire year. Ask me questions! I know I have one for you: Well? What do you think?
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