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[Selling] Turkey/Greece Doujinshi

Ok, so I'm almost broke and I just found out some religious books I'm interested in reading but the Library doesn't have them, so I want to purchase them => I decided to sell my extra copy of a Turkey/Greece doujin. ^^

Title: Change
Circle: Gadem Moter
Pairing: Turkey/Greece >w< (One of my favorite pairings from APH &hearts;) [Or Sadik/Heracles if you prefer it by names]
Rating: R18/NC17
Pages: 44
Price: $17

Sample Pages:

*Price is not including shipping btw and I can ship worldwide and I prefer paypal but can accept concealed cash/postal money order. ^^
I can hold items if you want, just make sure you're 100% positive you'll be purchasing it. But I'm selling it based on whoever can pay first, sorry... ^^;;
If needed, I have feedback at Ebay, LJ, and Mangatude... So you can just let me know if you want to see them, I'll give you the link :)

SOLD, thank you!
Tags: -greece, -turkey, ad: sales, x do not use this tag - doujin

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