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[HUG PROJECT] Fresh edits as of 1:25AM EST

(Mods, help with tags?)

In response to recent... news... (I'm not gonna link, you all know what I'm talking about), I posed this idea in the news post to some positive response, so now I'm going to pose it to the community in general.

Despite putting on a good face about this in his blog, Himaruya's probably pretty bummed.  So, instead of getting all up in arms about what's happened, why don't we, as a community, do something nice for the person who gave us this awesome comic to read? :D


I figured we could make some kind of communal e-card along the lines of "We still love your work and appreciate all you do. :D"  This could incorporate drawings/doodles from our resident artists, and messages from those of us who can't really draw so well.  The more people we get involved the better, of course. <3

I'm willing to compile the resulting materials onto, say, an LJ blog made for the purpose or a Geocites page.  I'll take suggestions from everyone as to how to best put it together, or other things we can add to the project.

Someone in the comments on the news post remarked that Himaruya is living in New York city right now?  If that's true, we don't neccessarily have to translate the messages to Japanese (although... it might be nice?  I don't know.)

I look forward to everyone doing something nice together as a community, and working together to stay upbeat in the face of adversity. :D  In the spirit of Russia, let's all be one. XD

EDIT1(I'm sure there'll be a lot of these): Someone has pointed out a good point.  Does... anyone actually know how to get through to Himaruya?  Is there a comment section or email address on his blog or anything?

SON OF EDIT: Arranging a blog for the project is beginning to sound the most practical, so people with experience modding who would like to help mod the Hug Project Blog, please respond here.  (Trying to keep most of the planning in one thread, in the interests of not spamming)
We have enough mods for right now!  If we get an opening I'll make another mod call.  Mods will be contacted with login info for blog, photobucket, and email sometime on Friday 16th, when I can (Saturday wee morning at the latest).

BLOG AND EMAIL SUBMISSIONS COMING SOON.  New post will be made when we're ready to officially take submissions. 


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