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Guide to browsing Japanese fansites

I noticed on fansites when referring to the characters, especially for relationships, the names are shortened into kanji. For those who have only been reading raw strips or are unfamiliar with the names, I thought I'd compose a list of the commonly accepted names. Although it's true you can immediately find out who each character is referring to by clicking on the links in each site..I thought this might be a good list to memorize if you just wanted to browse around or search quickly for a pairing you like in general. =w=;;

(As usual) pairings are denoted by putting the characters together, so 米英 would be US/UK.
**Please correct me if you see anything wrong or have updated information!
[***EDIT] If you are interested in their katakana names, it's already listed on Himaruya's site

伊 = Italy (Veneziano)
独/ = Germany
日 = Japan
米 = USA
英/ = UK
仏 = France
中 = China
露 = Russia
西 = Spain
ロマ = Italy (Romano)
洪 = Hungary
墺 = Austria
普 = Prussia
立 = Lithuania
波 = Poland
拉/ラト = Latvia
愛/エス = Estonia
辺/白/ベラ = Belarus
烏/ウク = Ukraine
瑞 = Switzerland
リヒ = Liechtenstein
芬 = Finland
典 = Sweden
= Iceland
土 = Turkey
希 = Greece
埃 = Egypt
?? = Belgium (perhaps 比 but I haven't seen it used yet..)
加 = Canada
Q/玖 = Cuba
台 = Taiwan
韓 = Korea
香 = Hong Kong
セー = Seychelles
海 = Sealand
ロマ/爺 = Roma Antiqua
ゲル = Germania
神羅/神聖/神ロ = Holy Roman Empire
北キ= TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)
亜細亜 = general Asia

( ´_ゝ`)

See their human names in Japanese here! )
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