Sir Sadly "the Thunder" Grove (sadlygrove) wrote in hetalia,
Sir Sadly "the Thunder" Grove

tinyfics: [Wales, Scotland, England, USA] & [Spain/France]

Just de-anoning from these two before I forget about them.

Title: United Kingdom (of douchery)
Chara: Scotland, Wales, England, America
Rating: PG

OP Says: England and his brothers might fight, but when faced with an outside threat, they merge into a seamless machine to take down the bastard unlucky enough to oppose them.

Title: Getting Dirty
Chara: Spain/France
Rating: PG

OP wanted countrybumpkin!Spain and sophisticated!France: "His skin is bronzed from too much time in the sun, and Spain has a too-stupid grin on his face when he sees France."
Tags: -america, -france, -spain, fan: fic, x do not use this tag - uk

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