kashiwamizu (kashiwamizu) wrote in hetalia,

[Game] Japan Stripping Game

Everybody who shipped Ger/Ita surely know Receipt by their adorable Stamp series, and I found this miraculous little game made by them~

The game~

Basically you have to guide the ball so it wouldn't go out of the field on the bottom, and by doing so, it will hit various parts of the picture and make them disappear, revealing the true picture behind.

It gives you 12 chances to go, and I fail miserably at stripping poor Kiku ><

I actually fail after this far...

And for any (I mean, ANY) Japanese present, PLEASE if any of the Japanese here have a copy of Inuria PLEASE share it to the comm! I will be SUPER glad if anyone from Japan who happen to have a copy of this game is willing to provide a DL link for us!

...I and I wanna have that super big (180cm) Germany dakimakura.... *sobs at a corner*
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