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[Fanart] Happy Birthday Greece

Title : Happy Birthday Greece and some fanarts
Artist : me
Character(s)/ pairing(s) : Greece, UK, Switzerland, Prussia, Chibitalia and HRE
Rating : G
Warning(s) : heavy images
Summary : 1--Greece and kittens
2--Drunk UK
3--Switzerland in various emotions
4--Prussia and chibi Prussia
5--Prussia in Pocky commercial (animated)
6--Sketchy Chibitalia and HRE


Here's the picture without texts.  CLICK!!

First, happy birthday to Greece. I checked calender this morning and found that there were many birthdays this month (and Valentine's day is also in Feb), which means I may spam this community with my arts so heavily this month lol lol.

The kittens are so chubby and the brown one looks like a raccoon XD.

I drew this picture after my brother and his friends had got drunk in my house. Their noise annoyed me but I still drew picture, wishing that they were as cute as UK lol lol.
He seems to wear over-sized coat (perhaps it's US's =P).

I just tried to draw Switzerland in different moods. Smiling Vash was quite difficult to draw so he looked a bit weird. ^^''

I drew this for my friend in the comic and animation event last month. Ahhhh, I do love him in this outfit!!! >_

** You may have to wait until the animation is completely downloaded to see the smooth animation ^^' **

This is a part of fan VDO I am making. I have to make a lot more frames, insert sound and put in some effects. I hope it will be finely done. >_<"

This is the rough sketch I did while waiting for pasta in Italian restaurant (There were plain papers and crayons prepared on every tables in the restaurant.), so it' s doodle. ;3


I'm kinda a big fan of Himaruya-san's bunnies so I drew this picture. (It isn't directly related to Hetalia so I put the link instead of the picture.)

over here!!

All of my arts can be used for icons. Thanks for watching. ^^

Tags: -chibitalia, -greece, -holy roman empire, -prussia, -switzerland, fan: art, fan: art4icons, x do not use this tag - uk
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