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Greece's late b-day present...

Partially my fault. I didn't think about something for my Greece plush but I saw everyones fanart and since Greece is my favorite character, I wanted to do something... really late I might add you. I also wanted to see if I could do something
A) outrageously tiny
B) without a pattern
And thus, I made a a birthday present for Greece-san!

So let's pretend I live on the West Coast or Hawaii or something!


It still needs a name... I don't know a good name!!

And I'm also a fail for using white thread! GAH! I have some orange thread but it was all in the dining room and since I didn't want our dog barking I just left it with the white.

To give a visual... kitty-chan fits paw to paw [front paw to back paw] on Greece's face that isn't covered by hair [does that make sense??]

I also really wanted to put a back view so TADA
link to my deviantART

BTW: was anyone else having problems with LJ a few hours ago? I finished kitty at around 12:30am and by the time I finished taking pictures and cropping them it was 1am but I got a warning screen. So I went to bed...
AAND!!!!! I'm still working on Russia (drafting his coat/hair pattern). I just don't know a good color for his hair... gray? Yellow? Problem is, felt only comes in a few colors...
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