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De lurk tiem!

Hi Been lurking around here for about...2 MONTHS finally got off my lazy rear and decided to post some fan art. SCANDINAVIA centric cause they need it~

Ok so first off, my scanner is not up yet so my cell will have to do for now. First off this is only a fraction of what I've drawn ^^;; I'll edit the post later once I can get the scanner up. I could have waited but the news of Denmark and Norway's being in the anime made me want to post right now!~

First is Denmark with his cookies~ *the girl in the back is my art persona cause he came out awesome so she gave him a thumbs up*

Second is yet again Denmark, I was verrrry happy with how he came out~

Now its time for Norway and his Nise! Norway is fun and easy for me to draw but I love Denmark more.

and for no apperrant reason PRUSSIA. Cause he awesome to.

Sorry for the low quality post but I wanted to share it in some way  ><;;

Tags: -denmark, -norway, -prussia, fan: art
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