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Chibi!Germany Fanart -___-;;

I totally fail at photobucket so I tried with Deviantart instead :D;

Okay. I tried to draw Germany, and I agree with a majority of this community - he is hard. His hair is hard to draw (had to make sure that his head didn't look misshapened) and his uniform...well, I tried to draw it using his character profile as reference, but I just gave up once I reached his chest and after many failures at drawing his arm, so I kinda just...left him as a bust 8D *is bricked for laziness*

Yosh. So, here's an attempt at a preview (never done it before and I can't use photobucket :/) and a link under it to my DA account.

A screw it. I can't do a preview (I dunno how), so the piccie can be seen under the fake cut (hopefully 8D)

If not: Here

Tags: -germany, fan: art
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