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[Fanfic] Russia's personal demon

Title: Russia's personal demon
Author/Artist: wasafool
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Belarus, and russia... try squinting and turn your head to the side...know you can see the pairing Belarus and Russia XD haha
Rating: G..maybe PG?
Warnings: Belarus (being herself) and slightly crack-ish (?)oh and Russia being sweet for a moment O..o (no way! :D)
Summary: Russia is taken care of by Belarus, but regrets ever calling her a lady.

    Ivan’s winter purple eyes slowly opened, when did he get to his room? He wonders this to himself. Ivan wiggles his toes, his boots were off. Russia then went to note that his coat was no longer hanging onto his large form. But luckily for him his scarf was still tightly wound around his neck. The buzz of his morning head ache filled the nation’s skull, he was far too used to hang over’s for his comfort, still every morning he woke up with the same ache. Ivan thought about just laying there till his head stopped being a hindrance. That is till he heard a small sigh to his right, Ivan sat up not feeling too alarmed and looked at the side of his bed. Belarus lay asleep knelt on the floor, forearms holding her sleeping head on to the bed. This was one of the view times Russia was not too scared of his sister, she looked beautiful and delicate.
‘Like a proper lady caught at a bad time’ thought Ivan as he admired Belarus. Russia moved slowly from the bed as carefully as he could as not to wake the sleeping Lady. She did not stir, Ivan gave a small sigh of relief before locating his jacket and walking out of the room. Only after leaving did he think of maybe putting a blanket over her shoulders. But he shrugged, ‘what if she were to wake up’. A chill ran down his spine at this thought, Belarus was not just a lady, she was a Demon Lady. Behind him the door of his bedroom slowly swings open. “B-Belarus” Russia stutters all color gone from his face. “Morning brother” she smiles sweetly, then her face changes to one of an obsessed fan girl ready to stalk its prey. “waahhhh!” yells Ivan as he ducks from her arms flying at him and runs down the hallway. “Stay away from me!” he screams as his own personal demon comes charging after him yelling for him to become one with her. Ivan regrets ever thinking she was anything like a lady.
-end :D”
other fanfic: http://community.livejournal.com/hetalia/323029.html =Belarus/Russia +Angst+Ukrain
Tags: -belarus, -russia, fan: fic
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