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[Fanfics]4 little drabbles

I can't write fanfics to save my life T ^ T But I thought I should atleast attempt to pump out 4 drabbles 8D Mentioned Thailand in one of them, o'course. Even though I just heard of him liek...this morning *SHOT*

Title: Regret, Pink, Morning, Food
Author/Artist: Siren
Character(s) or Pairing(s): (VietnamxChina), (VietnamxTawain), (USxUK)x2
Rating: G to PG?
Warnings: >: I suck at writing. 8D;; *lowbow*

She always snuck glances at him during the conferences. Not that she have attended that many of them to start out with or anyway. It always made her heart hurt a little bit inside.
“Em van yeu anh,” she wanted to say.
China turns from America to look at her, giving her a brief smile, acknowledging that she was there.
He was beautiful.
He was too beautiful for her. A nation as plain as her didn’t belong with a nation as grand as him.
Maybe that was why he got bored of her so easily.
“But I still love you.”

Vietnam disliked pink. She did not HATE it. But she didn’t particularly like it.
She loved the green of the fields and the blue of the sky and the sea. The shades of blue melting against each other in the Ha Long Bay, to her it were like magic.
She loved the red during Tet, bright shades of red and yellow popping, representing the New Year.
Her favorite color though, is white. Her best ao dai were white.
She loved it best when that white was press up against Taiwan’s pink dress. Maybe pink isn’t so bad after all.

England has a really bad habit of waking up early in the morning.
He would wake up after a restless sleep and just stay up staring into space. He’ll just sit there, staring and over think about  EVERYTHING and ANYTHING.
He’ll think about his past mistakes and how he could have avoided everything…if he was a little bit smarter…
“England, go back to sleep. You wake up too damn early,” a voice whine next to him, burrowing a messy blonde head into the crook of his neck.
But for now, maybe going back to sleep is a good idea.

America loves food.
Maybe it was a little bit redundant to say that.
He’ll eat almost anything, and will fall in love with almost anything. From Vietnam’s delicious pho to Thailand’s pad thai to France’s strange sounding food. All of these were good in their own way, and he enjoyed them immensely.
But for some strange reason, it’s not these culinary masterpieces that he loves. It’s that blacken, toasted, broiled gods know what that England called dinner that he feel the most comfortable with. Because as bad as his cooking is, wherever England was, that was where America wanted to be.

WELL. That's pretty much it 8D; I apologize in advance for the horribleness that is my writing. .3. I do take suggestions (suggestions, not requests. XD ) so feel free to fire a few my way, I may or may not use them when drawing or writing Hetalia related things. :] <33
Tags: -america, -china, -thailand, -vietnam, fan: fic, x do not use this tag - uk
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