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[Fanart] 2 pictures

Title: More of these two~
Author/Artist: takoyako
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Romano, Spain
Rating: Completely G
Warnings: Lots of sparkles
Summary: Spain is such a goof.

So last Sunday, I made some coconut flan for bonus marks in Spanish class. It turned out alright considering it was my first time, but the shredded coconut floated to the top of the bundt pan and wound up all on the bottom of the flan. :( I don't think there's a way to avoid this though. But man, I NEED a new bundt pan! The one we have now leaks all over the place; it actually got stuck to the pizza tray I had to put it on. DX

This is actually going somewhere, believe it or not. While I was waiting for the thing to bake, I got a rather silly idea for a picture.

I dunno about Romano, but I would take it. I fricken' LOVE that stuff.
Plus, being spoon-fed by Spain~

Anyways, as it turns out, Spanish class has been a major source of inspiration for me lately.

Looks like somebody just got laid.

I think this word is unbelievably funny. I mean, how could you use it in a conversation? It's such overkill. XD But apparently, it's the longest word in the Spanish language (even if it actually sounds more Italian than Spanish).

As for the picture itself... Man, I don't even know. ^^; The people in my world religions class were really annoying me, so I drew the gayest Spain ever to retaliate (?!), I guess. XD

Somehow these both look better than my hug project picture. :')
Tags: -italy north (veneziano), -spain, fan: art
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