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[FANFIC] The Things they Know

Hai, hai! My second fanfic here ~

The Things they Know
Author: pepiko 's saimai-sama
Rating: Uh, G?!
Characters/Pairing: America/Canada
Matthew pays Alfred a visit before the war.

My second Hetalia fanfic. I noticed I make everyone a little human than they are made out to be ... but, that's alright, right? I've never written a fanfic even remotely close to actual history so this was a particular experience.

(I wrote this while listening to

What hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts  and When Angels Fly Away by Cold)

The Things they Know

"Don't get involved, got it?"

Arthur's words rang in Matthew's mind as he walked down the busy hallways. Soldiers sporting arms were running here and there for last minute preparations. It wouldn't be long now. They were going to fight tomorrow. Matt clenched his fist and continued his way while trying to keep his mind blank. He didn't feel like thinking about it any longer. And yet, here he was. He couldn't just ... ignore the situation. At least not when it was his brother involved. Matt knew. Sure, Arthur and Alfred were at each other's necks a lot recently but ... war?

His hand reached for the knob and he opened the door. "Alfred?" Alfred was standing by his desk, staring out the window. At the sound of the door, he turned around to face Matt.

"Matt! Long time no see, how's it been goin'?"

Matt would've smiled. Would've. It was the usual cheery Alfred. But there was a difference, a difference Matt couldn't ignore. He almost frowned at the sight of his brother in a military uniform holding a long pistol. He couldn't smile back. Alfred noticed.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

Matt looked at Alfred straight in the eyes and summoned the words he had repeated in his mind as he made his way here. "So, you two are really going to fight?" His voice faltered.

The smile faded from Alfred's lips. He put the gun down and leaned back on the desk to set his gaze back out the tall glass window. The sky was clear and cloudless but Alfred seemed to be looking pass that into a completely entirely new place. What is it that he was imagining? Wishing for? There's was a strange longing in eyes that Matthew couldn't understand.

"I ... don't really think you want to fight Arthur."

"I do," Alfred muttered.


His brother turned back to Matt at the sound of his outburst. It wasn't often that he expressed himself so loudly and clearly. It took Alfred by surprise but when he too a look, Matt was gazing at him; his lips trembling and his eyes shining. He wanted to say so much more but he felt, if he spoke, he'd just fall apart. But Alfred knew.

Why was it necessary to fight? Why did it come down to this? Who's to blame? We used to have so much fun ... Weren't we happy back then?

"I want to be free Matt."


"I didn't come to hate anyone. I just ... want to be free. You can understand that, right?"

Matt's lip starting bleeding but he didn't move. "I can't."

Alfred sighs and walks over to where his other half stood to wrap his arms around him. "I'll be fine. Don't worry." He smiled to himself. "I don't think Arthur can kill me."

Now that his face was hidden, Matt allowed himself to cry silently into Alfred's uniform. Actually, he thought that too deep down. Alfred wasn't going to lose this fight. But where did that leave Arthur?

"Don't ... hurt him too much."

"I know."

Matt wrapped his arms around Alfred's torso. He didn't look up because he knew his face was red. "And ... come back safely, alright? I wish I could help you but-"

Alfred smiled. "I know,"

Because people are people no matter who they are, they will fight and it really is that unjust. All we can do is wait patiently and hope. We'll listen to the sound of the wind and whisper to it our prayers. Come home safely. We'll cry and the tears will stain the sheets as we try to sleep alone a bed for two.

Even then, Matt will watch the clouds as they travel slowly through the sky into a dark gray cluster.

"I'll be fine. Don't worry."

Ironic. Arthur had said the same thing.




Some years later on Alfred's birthday ...

Matthew was outside on the veranda. Everyone was inside drinking and being crazy it made Matt feel a little suffocated so he went out for some fresh air. The wind felt nice against his face; he closed his eyes and breathed it in.

"Maatttt ~ What are you doing out here!" Alfred called out, wobbling onto to the veranda and towards his brother.

It didn't even sound like a question. "N-nothing, just wanted to breathe." Alfred leaned over Matt and threw his arms loosely over his shoulders.  He's not even listening to me! "W-what? Get off me will you?"

Alfred giggled. "Wait, wait, wait!" He just had to say it three times. "I got something for you."

"Huh?" Matt's eyes widened at the package his brother took out.

"Hahaha ~ People always forget but it's your birthday three days before mine."

Matthew smiled. "Thank you ..." He muttered softly before tilting his head slightly to see Alfred's face. ASLEEP ALREADY?! More importantly, isn't he going to get off first?!

Then, later that night back home ...

"I wonder what Alfred got me." Matthew asked himself with a smile as he opened the little package. He hummed to himself as he thought about what Alfred could possibly give him.

The paper came off and out came a little teddy bear. "..." Matthew blinked twice. He had a feeling he'd seen the bear somewhere before. Matt turned it over to see the tag: Happy birthday Alfred! The paper came off and out came a little teddy bear. "..." Matthew blinked twice. He had a feeling he'd seen the bear somewhere before. Matt turned it over to see the tag: Happy birthday Alfred!


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