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[Fanfiction] Baked.

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Title: Baked.
Author/Artist: Lynn Stardragon (Happy Dragon)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Sweden, Finland, Sealand, Hana-Tamago, UK
Rating: (Crack) G PG-13 for international swearing. . . Unless you don’t know what they translate to in whatever languages you know, then it’s right back to ‘G’!
Warnings: CRACK! TOTAL AND UTTER CRACK-FLUFF-HUMOR! (Which should tell you something about me if I consider THIS cracky.) And failing at British speech patterns, because I’m horribly AlfredianAmerican. Oh, and failing at (British) personalities in general, but this is Crack!Fiction, so I think I get leeway, right?

Summary: Sea-kun will do -Anything- to get that JerkUK to recognize him as a Nation, including cook up a batch of ‘Faerie Biscuits’ [magick Cookies for us ‘Yanks’] that the Brit has given the poor Naval-Base a recipe for. It’s a good thing Sweden is there to keep him from either burning down the house or making them inedible . . . . Isn’t it?
Tags: -england, -finland, -sealand, -sweden, community: q&a, fan: fic, fan: food/cooking, x do not use this tag - uk
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