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[cosplay] UsUk - Revolutionary-Shoot

this is my first post in this community and I hope it's okay to spam you guys with our cosplay-pictures xD
I hope I'm doing this right <_<

lelischan  as Arthut Kirkland (England)
zombie_su  as Alfred F. Jones (America)

dundundun ...
hehe no. that's just the teaser 8D

follow the cut!




The pictures were taken by: Andy K. ( )

thanks for watching <3
[[[ ARGH.  guuuh sorry somehow there are two fake-cuts D: I don't know how to remove this D: SORRY!!!! ]]]

PS: yes we actually have the wrong guns, but as this shooting wasn't that well planned and rather spontanious we didn't have the time to get accurate ones D: (but the ones we've got are pretty great, too haha...) [and in case anyone should ask - they are fake, no real guns XD]

[ PPS: If anyone feels offended by the pics (I DO know how some people react when it comes to historical hetalia pictures and the re-enactment of historical battles) please send me a message   <<< But I don't guess that this is necessary, I just want you to know that I'm well aware of history and it's battles and that I show the respect that is needed! ] 

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