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[General Info] Himaruya-Sama!

Sorry if this post is illegal but I noticed that no one here has mentioned anything about a much-appreciated individual's birthday...

Happy Birthday, Himaruya Sensei!!!! Although I don't know if he himself would actually see this, if you guys would like to show support, one quick way to do it is to tweet a greeting from your country and add "#himatan" along with it! Unfortunately, I came with this news really too late for us Asians and Europeans, (edit: errrr sorry, it's his birthday TODAY, May 8th, lol XDDDD The Japanese live ahead of us so I got confused ^^; but we can still celebrate the 48 hours time zones allow birthdays to be!! :DD so...there's no delay, yus 8D ) but still, I just thought of spreading the word :D ((this entry's x-posted to other comms too btw))

So far, the tweet list is 99% constituted of Japanese tweets with the occasional engrish, one Spanish greeting, and like 5 German ones :\ Let's send him more!! :DD

aah, what technology can's quite fitting, isn't it? :B

Have fun guys~ ^^

Mods, though this may be a Hetalia Livejournal Community, I hope I've produced no harm in posting this entry. If not, I'll gladly take it down ^^; I think Himaruyasan ought to have his own tag here too...

Extra Fun Fact for the day: He shares the same birthday, May 8th, as fellow genius Hiromu Arakawa Sensei of Fullmetal Alchemist c: And if Google hasn't failed me, they have a 12 year difference between them! :D
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