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[SCANLATION] Buon San Valentino

Hello, all! Just in time for Valentine's Day, we're kicking off the Buon San Valentino saga with the long-awaited first set. Brought to you by yours truly (rainy_takako) and evercool! This post is quite image heavy as the page contains approx. 20 strips.

Buon San Valentino

In Italian, Valentine's Day is called Buon San Valentino (*´∀`*)

-With an Inflexible German-

Compared to Italians, Germans don't have a lot of words or body language to express love so sometimes it's difficult for them to understand Italians! (*´∀`)

-With a Austrian Who Fakes Innocence-

-I'm Studying You Now.-

-Personalities are opposites, roots are the same-

Even though the personalities of Germans and Austrians are fundamentally opposites (Germans = strict and serious, Austrians = calm and prefer to enjoy life), their roots are the same. It's quite mysterious.

-I Like This Sort of Suspicious Book-

-With an Overly Easygoing Italian-

-Italy and Germany: So close and yet so far-

There are some things you must be cautious of in Germany. (´ー`*)
In Germany, Valentine's Day is something celebrated between established lovers.
If you give presents lightheartedly, you'll probably cause a misunderstanding.
(Because of this custom, there isn't anything like White Day or obligatory chocolate giving over there either)

And red roses mean a confession of love, so make sure you don't send them to just anyone or you'll definitely cause a misunderstanding or two (´∀`*)

-We Misunderstand Each Other Way Too Much-

- Google "Germany" and "pervert"-

- More than an alliance, less than a union-

- Going Back Home -

- Hides his name but not his Mariazell -

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