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(newHV3!) Salted Salmon, Germany, and I (revamped)!

Whoo, sorry for the incredibly long wait for a new strip, everyone! Yesterday I celebrated with friends, because it was my last day of high school~. So, I didn't do any typesetting, ahaha, and today I had yard work and had to help my little brother with some homework, so, it set me back. Anyway, enough excuses~. What I am trying to say is that scanlations, at least from spaceinvaderdud and I, will now come out much much faster. Keep your eyes peeled!

-Also, this strip doesn't have many of the sound effects translated out because either I didn't know what they said, or because at the time, they were kind of difficult to edit. Also, it is a bit sloppy, my apologies, I was rushing, and I will clean these up properly and artistically later. These will be fixed for the special release with everything compacted in it, including everyone else's beautiful scanlations. Once again, if you don't want your work included, please notify me!

Thanks again for all your hard work, spaceinvaderdud, translating for all of us. I am nothing without you, bby. <3

Things to look forward from us
(update: 5/28/10):

Completely Translated, only needs Typesetting

United States of Hetalia (1,2,3, and 4-color strips+summary-)
HRE+Chibitalia- Bans on Large Boats in Canals
Some US+UK strips (Sleeping at the Meeting; revamp Colonial!America)
Union of Krewo (Poland meeting Lithuania for the first time)
Can't Escape from Italy (alternative ending)
Crossing through the Year 1000 (France and England)
Mr. China's All Too Fast Step Into the Age of Discovery (China past)

In Translation Process:

Special Edition Artbook scans -pending-

Translated by Others already (what we planned earlier):

Boss Spain's Control of Southern Italy -revamped+Belgium+Netherlands for this volume-

Without further ado, Salted Salmon~!



As usual, if you spot any errors or have any suggestions, let me know here! Sorry, it's kind of late on my end, and I am ready to collapse. orz;;

Everybody looks so nicely drawn in this strip~. I hope you all enjoyed it, page 25 was especially fun to edit!

Tags: -germany, -italy north (veneziano), -japan, -prussia, official: scanlation, x do not use this tag - comic

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