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[SCANLATION] Buon San Valentino: The Final Chapter

Hello and Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Here's the final segment of Buon San Valentino, brought to you once again by rainy_takako and evercool. Again, post is very image heavy.

Part 1
Part 2

Valentino Final Chapter 1

"Italia and Germania"

German artists really loved Italy. Johann Friedrich Overbeck painted a picture of Italia and Germania" being lovey-dovey.
This picture became famous in Germany, and soon lovey-dovey Italia and Germania pictures became very trendy.

Italy usually appears as a cheerful brunette, and Germany is usually an intelligent blonde.

There were a lot more pictures like this but I'm disappointed I haven't seen them on the web.

- A Misunderstanding With Germany -

- The Worst Type of Waiter -

By the way, he's Swedish.

- Basic Level "How to treat your partner": For Germans -

-Meanwhile, That Muscle-bound battle-crazy guy-

Translator Notes
- There it is, the "shocking" conclusion. Everyone has their own opinions on this, so try not to get overexcited.
- This is the last translation I'll be doing, so... arrivederci and thanks for reading Hetalia!

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