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[roleplay] Hidden Monsters - A Hetalia Horror RP

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World Conference meetings hold different meanings for emotions for different people, but this time is different. After receiving a letter in the mail from a sender with a very vague name, no suspicions arise. Every nation has received the letter with a map attached. It must be real.


That is what they all thought. All of them were wrong. The town listed on the paper wasn't any busy, bustling city full of life. It was the complete opposite, more like some shady building that no one in their right mind would step foot into. Arriving at the building is when everyone's memories starts getting hazy.

Upon waking up, they found themselves alone in a new location much different from anywhere they lived. Nations were scattered around in town in places from houses to stores. This was a ghost town with no signs of life. Oddly, there is still food and other necessities. It seemed that everyone just picked up and left.

To make matters worse, strange things have been reported by nations around the town that are unexplained. People vanish mysteriously without a trace, and there is no one to contact for help. Nations are left to fend for themselves and find other nations. After all, everyone is supposed to be in the town somewhere. The problem is can they be found in one piece when faced with this seemingly supernatural being and when put against one another for survival in the middle of no where?

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