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[Art dump] Le Petit Patron

Title: Le Petit Patron (The Little Boss)
Artist: sobdasha
Characters: Spain, S. Italy, Chibitalia, cameos of France and Turkey
Pairings: Spain/S. Italy
Rating: K
Warnings: None
Description: An art-dump of Hetalia fused with Le Petit Prince, the focus being on the little boss Spain and his demanding flower Romano.

Usually I do not post my art because I am too busy jealously admiring everyone else's much more beautiful creations, but! I'd just finally finished reading Le Petit Prince and, being charmed by its shininess, I wanted to combine it with every other shiny fandom I enjoy, like Hetalia. And since nothing magically jumped into my hands to satisfy my craving, I had to suck it up and do it myself. So I am sharing For Great Justice in case anyone else happens to have a desire to see this that they did or did not know about.

I call it "mimicking the style of Saint-Exupéry because it is so very charming and drawn with confidence," but really I can't draw much better than this, and you have impossibly-starched-clothes and mitten-hands and etc. to thank for the fact that I actually finished this project. In a timely fashion, even.

The fact that the text is all slanty is 50% my fault. The fact that all the pictures are crooked is 100% my scanner's fault.

And now please enjoy some pictures with text all around them because I am no good at fancomics.

"The Little Boss"

One morning the little boss woke up to find a flower growing in his house unlike any other he'd seen before.

"this sprout that didn't look like other sprouts"

The flower took its sweet time before blooming with the sun, and then it demanded breakfast first thing.

"It's time, I believe, for breakfast. If you would kindly think of me..."

The flower worried loudly about a lot of things: that it might be attacked while in the boss's house...

(haa... it seems, after I finished this one, I made a mistake! In skimming an English translation the "can" was more like "let them" and less like "might/could" the way I was thinking, which made the exchange a little more logical. Whoops. Right way: "Let tigers come with their claws!" The way I'd intended: "Tigers might come with their claws!")

And the flower also complained that it needed a special glass cover to sleep under at night, among other demands.

"Every evening you will put me under a glass cover. It's very cold here. It's poorly equipped."

Then one day, the boss decided to leave his house and hitch a ride with some birds migrating through space. The flower refused to say goodbye and see him off, mainly because it didn't want to admit that it would miss the boss, and it felt rather lonely and abandoned.

"It didn't want him to see it cry. It was such a proud flower..."

In his travels the boss came across a garden filled with thousands of roses, flowers that looked exactly like his flower back home. And it depressed him at first, to think that he had thought himself such a wonderful boss when all he had in his home was one bad-tempered common rose, compared to these sweet ones.

"The prince stared at them. They all looked like his flower."

But the boss later learned that this didn't matter, because it was his own rose that he loved more than anything. And he missed his planet and his rose and he longed to return, and to use his revelation to build a better relationship between them.

"I should have realized the fondness behind its pitiful ruses. Flowers are so contradictory! But I was too young to know how to love it."

Epilogue: one assumes that the boss successfully returned home, reunited with his flower, and they lived happily ever after. Otherwise, it would be a very sad story. (Also, one should not question the logic of "how does the following picture fit into the rest of the story" too hard)

"Of course I love you. It's my fault you never knew it."


Personally I think I might have had too much fun doing this. Oh well! Thank you to my (wonderful) cruel co-conspirator katia_chan for not letting me off the hook on this.
Tags: -chibitalia, -italy south (romano), -spain, fan: art

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