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Otakon pictures

Better late than never. I only cosplayed Hetalia on Friday (Latvia) and Sunday (children's day Russia), Saturday was the day with too many wings and killing God on stage. And I was too busy to take many pictures on Saturday, so most of the pictures if not all are Fri and Sun.

Thank you to everyone that go pushed around by me so I could get the pictures I wanted!

Warning, image heavy. I downsized, but it's still huge.

Single pictures

Okay, let's start off with the cavities cute.

(Russia's face. Look at Russia's face.)

/fangasm This one was. AWESOME. I have no words to describe how awesome a Netherlands this one is. /spazzes on

Definitely one of the nicest Nyotalia versions that I've seen around.

Poor chick.

Such a great Ukraine. <3333333

Group pictures

COMPLETE. All Baltics and a Russia. Success =3

Badass China and Thailand

The Sunday Hetalia Panel. Somehow our Germany got lost before we could take any pictures.

Everyone tried to protect Latvia from Russia after a little while.

People that have the correct size compared to me aklsjdhfjkasdhfakd *still so happy*

DON'T. GROPE. FINLAND'S. ASS. ...At least not when Sweden is standing right next to him.

For some reason, I find Finland's face amusing.

Omake : includes crossover vikings and the fountain being a lie

There was no Denmark or Norway around ;; But Sweden works, too~

It didn't work.
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