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Medieval/Renaissance Nordic (Norway Cosplay)

So, after seeing the beautiful drawings of Himaruya's sketches of the Nordics in medieval/renaissance style of clothing in volume 3, well.. .I JUST. HAD. TO. DO IT. So after months of painful research (turning up nothing for me) and mental battles to decide on a colour scheme (since the sketches were black n' white) and searching for a group (which I have!) I finally got around to getting this thing started! The only thing that sucks is... if those pictures end up being coloured //frownfrown.

Ah well. Ya gotta wing it when ya gotta wing it.

Cut-outs of the robe pieces~

Sleeve pattern in the making/modifying

This was a model sleeve we did, to figure out how to make the actual sleeves:


Robe nearing completion:


Before anybody asks themselves, no, this shirt was not bought at all! The pleating is all sewn! Everything!

Now sneak-peeking up to a near completed costume!
There are still some trimmings to do; the hat, shoes, stockings and accessories!! And of course that damn mace he carries around!

The back of the robe: (and my god, my ass... I dun even ;A;) 

S-So ya! This is the progress so far! I'm loving how it's been turning out! I can't wait to debut it once it's complete >3<
I decided on the purple shade mainly because it fits around Norway's typical colour scheme anyway (and that purple was the colour of royaallllty back then~)

Oh~ Some of you may or may not recognize me as the one who did that Navy!Norway cosplay, but, yes... It's finished! I've just been lazy to update that~

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