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Vocab Drabbles I

Title: Vocab Drabbles I
Characters and Pairings: Gerita, AsaKiku, PolandxLithuania, Italian brothers, North American brothers, Bad Friends, England, Austria, Hungary, Chibitalia, China, Russia
Rating: PG
Warnings: Possible abuse of the English Language.
Summary: Drabbles that range to romantic, angsty, humorous, and more. Each one containing one vocabulary word from a list I need to know before the quiz. Expand your learnings with the help of Hetalia.
A/N: You know what doesn't work? Staring at a vocab list blankly until you think you're "all set" for the quiz the next day. You know what does work? Hetalia. Each drabble contains different pairings or characters and one vocabulary word used as best as possible. So please, enjoy my study guide. =w=b

(Vocabulary is srs bznz, gais.)
Tags: fan: fic

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