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Prussia's shit cleaning: Austria & Sweden

Here's Austria's and Sweden's paths. Now only Japan and the bonus scene are missing...

Austria's path:

> Austria

Prussia: Alright! It's fun to poke that aristocrat and see his reaction!

Austria: (Can't read this)
Prussia: Kesesesese

Though Austria-san looks serious and fastidious, he unexpectedly conducts things at his own pace and behaves in an easeful manner.
Though he keeps his premises tidy, Prussia knows they are not too orderly.
This is a good opportunity to clean his place and indebt him, he plots.

Prussia: Now that this is decided, let's hurry and clean!

Heey! I came to clean Austria!
Hey... don't ignore the door because it's me!
Hey... hn?
It's open...

The door is open, but not a sound is to be heard inside.

Prussia: A... are you ok?
Hey? You're there, right?
Hey, sissy boy!
.... He isn't here, either.
That's funny... around this time on sunday I thought he'd either be in the bedroom or the kitchen...
Wie geht es Ihnen?
Oi, hey!

As much as he looks for him, Austria-san doesn't seem to be in any of the usual places.

Prussia: He shouldn't be in that place until after 3 PM... well, I'll go have a look.

Hey... are you there?
I'm getting fed up with this... ah!

... ... ...

No need to worry, he was just sleeping on the sofa.

Prussia: Looks like he got up for breakfast and then went back to sleep.
Hey, wake up! Wake up or pigeon shit's gonna land on your head!

Austria: Hnn...

Prussia: No use. He's not gonna wake up, is he...
That's right! I won't wake him but just finish while he's asleep!
When he wakes up and his place is all clean it'll totally be like I'm a little fairy!

And if all went well, from now until eternity he would be worshipped and admired.

Prussia: Well, with my skill I can clean these rooms in about 18 minutes.

With Prussia-san's skill, he can clean in 18 minutes.
Where will you start cleaning?

> Shelf
Under the bed

You found underpants!

Prussia: So this is where he puts the underwear...
But it doesn't exactly look expensive.
... He's always been all about underwear, that guy.

(Image: > throw away)
While imagining Austria-san's troubled face, he threw them all away.

Prussia: Why underpants?

> Dresser
Under the bed

You found underpants!

Prussia: With the other coats hung up so neatly, why're there underpants tucked into a corner?

(Image: > throw away)
Since it was weird, he threw them away.

Prussia There're underpants stuck here and there...

> Desk
Under the bed

You found underpants!

Prussia: Why're there underpants inside the desk...

Image: > throw away

Underpants inside a desk are weird, so he threw them away.

Prussia: Again!!
Underpants again!

> Under the bed

You found underpants!

Prussia: Did he take them off before going to sleep?
What a weirdo.

Image: > throw away

Since they were disturbing the scenery, he threw them away.

Prussia: Why're there underpants lying around everywhere!!

Continuing this cycle of underwear discovery and disposal, Austria-san's house was thoroughly cleaned.

Prussia: Hah... you feel good after a good deed!

Austria: Hey! Prussia! You are home, aren't you! Come out at once!

Looks like he promptly showed up.

Prussia: Ah, it's open, you can come it!

Austria: Prussia! It was you, wasn't it! Just taking peoples'... underwear...!

Prussia: Dunno what you're on about. Did you come the whole way to my house looking like that?

Austria: It can't be helped, can it! Since I have nothing left to wear for my lower parts!
Who other than a fool like you would do such a thing!

Prussia: There are lots of other fools besides me! Kesesesese

Austria: You are the only fool who would do something like that!

Prussia: Besides, since you have no proof you shouldn't just decide on something like that.

Austria: Tha- that is true, but...

Prussia: Anyway, what use would that be, stealing something like that. Are your underpants that valuable?

Image: *rub rub*

Prussia: Anyway, it's really hot today, isn't it. Ah, it's hot, it's hot.

Austria: Bu- but thats... my underwear!

Prussia: No, that's a handkercief. Stofftaschentuch.

Austria: No matter how you look at it, it's underwear! You fool!!


Prussia: Oh...?

Hungary: Return the underweeeaaar!!

Prussia: Geeh!! Hu- Hungary!?



Sweden's path:

> Sweden

Prussia: Why is Sweden among the options!!

Prussia-san is having unpleasant flashbacks to the Great Northern War.
Furthermore, unfortunately he does not know how to communicate with Sweden.
Even when putting his Northern German sixth sense to use, he can't understand him at all.

But then Prussia-san reconsidered that he might be sold cheap Ikea furniture in gratitude.
And displaying the firm attitude reminiscent of Hohenzollern, he went to Sweden's house.

Prussia: Heh, compared to the times of Baltic empire, this guy lives pretty frugally.

Boo boo! Hey, the awesome me is here!
Open the gate!

... ah?

Sweden: He... hey...
Are ya... ok....

Oh gee, Prussia-san fainted.

Prussia: Hnoh... where am I?
Right! I wanted to make Sweden be grateful to me and...

Sweden: Ya ok?

He fainted again.
This process was repeated another 12 times.

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