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[roleplay] World Reality - A Hetalia reality show RP

Sorry for spamming with another RP ad.
Calling all wanna be TV stars!

What happens when strangers are picked to live in a house together and have every aspect of their lives taped for the whole world to see?

Welcome to World Reality; a new reality television show. People of all ages ranging from middle school to out of college are together in one home. Sure the younger members should probably be in school, but they are TV stars now, that doesn't matter! A few people are siblings, maybe even cousins, but that just adds to the drama. With this many people in a house, it is only so long before people get on each others nerves. Cameras are watching from everywhere, making the whole event more stressful.

This season is full of crazy shenanigans, odd romances, and of course more drama and fights than high school. With the home being located on the outskirts of New York City, anything and everything is possible in this exciting atmosphere. Or, it had better be exciting, if everyone wants to be able to have another season as a star.
Basically, this is one giant reality tv show based off of things like The Real World, and all those other silly reality shows on MTV. We will have events, and other fun things. This roleplay will be filled with crack, but be serious at the same time, just like real shows!

We just opened, so there are plenty of characters still available!

These are the people currently taken:

These are the people reserved:
North Italy

Anyone else is open for the taking. If you have any questions, just ask!

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