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Another update~ Moving in together finally 8D

Title: They never expected this
Author/Artist: ME~
Character(s) or Pairing(s): AustriaxLithuania. Poland and Liet in this chapter
Rating: G
Warnings: Mpreg, crackpairing
Summary: Lithuania and Austria got drunk at Denmark's party and that one night had fateful consequences.

Notes: Finally some pairing hinting. Also, this chapter sucks, cause it was mostly a "Get it over with"-sorta chapter to finally start on the fun I've been looking forward to starting.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Telling Austria was harder than he first thought it would be. Maybe cause he was stubborn and first didn't want to talk to the man. Lithuania refused to even leave the house because of his growing tummy and that he was feeling sick again.

But after almost a week since he found out, he decided that he now had to, whether he liked to or not. Austria had to know. He had a freaking right to know that someone was actually having his baby. Just not in the way anyone had expected...

How to tell him? Letter? Phone? Come over and barge in through the door? No. Just go over, knock on the door and tell him. Should be easy, but it wasn't. It really wasn't. Lithuania felt like a nervous wreck just thinking about it. And even more nervous when standing by Austria's door, trying to muster up the courage to ring the doorbell. He figured the other would notice his belly and question him, or just slam the door in his face. Although that didn't seem like Austria. He was a polite man. Or was he...?

Lithuania sighed, rang the doorbell finally and looked at the envelope. He'd brought with him the letter from the hospital. Maybe Austria would believe him if he saw it?

It wasn't Austria that opened the door, but a maid. "Mr. Austria is a little busy right now. Was it important?" she asked him. Lithuania hesitated for a moment, before handing her the envelope.
"C-could you give him this, please?" he asked. The maid nodded. "Of course. I'll give it to him right away."
"Thank you." Lithuania nodded and headed back home. Now he just had to wait if Austria contacted him or not. He just couldn't do it himself.

"Mr. Austria? This letter came for you." The maid handed Austria the envelope Lithuania had given her. He looked at it, curious to what on earth it could be. He wasn't expecting any mail...
"Thank you." he said and sat down by his desk after the maid left.
"..... " The letter was really not what he'd expect to recieve. A letter telling someone they were pregnant... And when he saw the name of who it was addressed to, he almost choked on his tea.

How was that possible? Lithuania was a man. Right? Austria just stared at the letter. It said there, black on white. Lithuania was pregnant. And he didn't have to be a genius to realize why the letter was given to him. It was his child.

"..... Oh gott...." was all he could say. Something like this was just too much to handle at once. What was he supposed to do? Run away and hide? No, he couldn't do that. This was his responsibility as well, he couldn't leave Lithuania with it alone. It was a living being, a small child who obviously had no choice in all of this. Still, how could two men reproduce? It didn't make sense!
He was a responsible man. This was so... ridiculous. Austria knew he had to go talk to Lithuania, but this little part of him told him to stay away, to not bother.

That part of him didn't win this time. Within a few hours he was ringing the doorbell at Lithuania's house.
The Baltic couldn't be more surprised when he opened the door to find Austria standing there. Of all people. Had he read the letter he left?

"...Can I help you?" he asked, not really sure of what else to say. Austria wasn't sure either what to do or say, so he could only get straight to the point. He told Lithuania he'd read the letter, and that he'd been thinking ever since on what to do. Letting Lithuania take care of this alone just... didn't seem right.

"... So I suggest you come live with me."
".. L-live with you?"

That was really unexpected. Sure, he'd wanted Austria to at least be there as well, but that he'd actually suggest THAT... Did he want the kid to be with both parents around? It would be the best most likely... Lithuania had seen a lot of kids with divorced or only one parent, and even though most of them had nice lives, it seemed a little sad not having both parents together. He wasn't sure if he wanted this baby to go through that...

"... Are you sure?" he asked.
"It's better that way... And easier for me and my staff to make sure you'll be safe and healthy." Austria responded. There was a faint blush on his cheeks, Lithuania noticed that, but didn't say anything. Normally Austria was somewhat stuck up and snobby, but right now he seemed to genuinely care for once.

And so started their new lives together in Austria's big house.
Tags: -austria, -lithuania, fan: fic

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