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[RP Ad] Les Choristalia!


It's two years after the end of the WWII, 1947.
Many had problems with money, be it the rent, food or clothes.
Most children lacked fathers or brothers, being killed in the war two years ago or longer.
At this point, even though everyone was glad it was over, it was still hard to live and taking care of the children, be it orphan or not, was even tougher then it was during the war for most.

However, in the middle of all this an old boarding school remained unharmed. The school has existed for a long time, but it went unnoticed and untouched by the war even when it looked like an army had ran through it. Above the gate the name of the school was written on a metal plate;

Fond De L'Etang

It is placed nearby a small town in France, in the seemingly, almost magical forests. In this boarding school, orphans and even children who still had their parents were being educated, unable to learn anywhere else. Why was this? The children weren't exactly little angels, even if they looked like they where. Because of this they keep the children inside most of the time and the only way out was the gate at the entrance that was locked with heavy chains. Outside of the gate one single bus would drive by at 14:00 and 18:00 exact, to let parents visit their sons and daughters. Or even new teachers, victims for the children, or new troublesome children. The basic rule, and maybe the only rule everyone in the school listens to is 'action, reaction'.

Action; the students causing trouble.
Reaction; the teachers punishing or warning the students.

It would make you wonder how bad the children could be, seeing as even the towns people avoid coming near it.
But, maybe the children just needed someone to comfort them? Or will they need to be punished more?

Teachers and anyone wanting to work here will have to look out...

((We'd really like having a America for our Russia, Germany, Italy, Austria and anyone really! We love new members, we don't bite! Honest. Unless you taste like ice cream.))

Rules - character/reservation list - employees function list
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