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Hetalia at Geek.Kon.

Hey everyone, as you were aware Geek.kon had a Hetalia panel that Eric Vale, the dub  voice of America attended. I do not have video of it since I was on the panel but I will locate some soon. Here are some pictures from the panel and the photoshoot that followed, plus a few I collected at the con. There are not as many as I usually collect but that is because I was on staff at this con.

Eric Vale speaking on dubbing America and Canada

North Italy had some fun.

A Monaco! I was so excited to see this.

Cowboy Alfred and Harry Potter Arthur.

Sniper Finland! Most epic Hetalia pic I have.

Against Russia!

If you wish to view the full size versions of  these pics or more Hetalia pics that I didn't take along with other pics from the con please visit Geek.kon's gallery at :

Tags: anime: dubbed, fan: cosplay

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