Kira (whatisnarva) wrote in hetalia,

[RP advertisement] Carriero

You wake up to a white room. Chalk white, sterile, lifeless. Empty, except for you.

You find others. Discover that you are not the only one that was brought here, that is kept here, that cannot leave. Discover what you are here for, why they brought you here. Because you are insane, a danger to yourself and others. Because you need help. Because they can help you.

Or so they say.

They tell you that everything they do is for your sake, that everything you have to go through will help you get better. Closer to being sent home. Then why, just why do you get the feeling that all they do, that she does, only gets you closer to your breaking point?

She. Linda. Your only contact to the world outside of the patient's quarters. Your only contact to the doctors. Only she will talk to you, and only she will listen to you. Does she? Does she even have feelings? It does not seem so - she is a computer system, after all. At least she isn't the only one you'll meet. Bound together with the other inmates. Try to find a way out, try to find out why you are here, because something is wrong, and you can feel it. You can see it, sometimes, when the whole building changes, when everything breakes apart, when nothing seems to resemble a well-kept asylum anymore. But always remember:

You are being watched.



Carriero is a panfandom, horror, asylum-setting RP. There will be three events a month, a very slow and itty plot, and powers are partly reduced outside of events - and characters that have no supernatural powers that they cannot use in combat gain one little, itty power (This would probably apply to all/almost all nations ♥). We will open the 24th of September.

Apps opened yeesterday, and currently we have no reserves for Hetalia characters. I'd personally love to see ones, though (and do consider apping someone myself), so~ Please have a look at it ♥