Kit (taivaspoika) wrote in hetalia,

Vital Regions - forum-roleplay group

Nice to meet you, I am taivaspoika, but on our forum, also known as Sweden.
As a moderator, I took the liberty to advertise this small community - an APH role-playing forum, Vital Regions! Our three member mod team is likely to welcome any new members with open arms. Other moderators - and the two lovely founders - are OneWithRussia(Belarus) and RobotUnicorn(France).

We're open and friendly lot of people from all around the world and the rules are quite simple and not too strict, so that shouldn't be problem. We have Regular RP forum, an 18+ RP sub-forum for the members and a Free RP sub-forum where you can play as any of the characters. Of course, we also have off topic forums for regular chatting and things like that.

Now. Which characters are free? I can't quite recall, since we only have a list of claimed countries and such. OC countries are allowed as are OCs of capitals - in which case the character must be the opposite gender of the said country.
For unclaimed countries, I can name Belgium, Netherlands and Finland without even thinking. We're also missing Ukraine, North Italy, Germany and most of the Asian nations. As far as I can remember.

If you're interested, give us a visit and see if you'd like to join!
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