ghibli22 (ghibli22) wrote in hetalia,

[fic] (We're) Fine

 Title: (We're) Fine
Author: Me, ghibli22
Rating: Pretty PG
Pairing: Spain/Romano
Prompt:Spain/Romano, something focused on Romano's insecurities about Spain always liking his brother more than him, and Spain (reading the atmosphere for once) realizing the problem and doing his best to assure Romano that Romano is indeed his favorite of the brothers. Can have Germany/Italy, but no other pairings but those two.
Summery: Antonio is struck with a rare moment of non-obliviousness.
Notes: Its not really beta'd, because I wrote this over THREE TIMES and I wanted to get it finished so sorry about and mistakes in that department. But other then that, nonsensical, slightly cliche fluff.

Written for aph_fluffathon 

Everything is fine
Tags: -france, -italy south (romano), -prussia, -spain, fan: fic, x do not use this tag - romano

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