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[RP] WonderlandTalia


Fall through the rabbit hole and find yourself in an entire new world: Wonderland.

It's a beautiful world, where odd creatures live.

However, it is not always fun and games here. You fell down, but how will you get back to the real world? The answer the inhabitants will give is: "I don't know." So you are forced to stay and live here.

The Red Queen doesn't want you to leave. So do the inhabitants. What is their true intention?
You might have to form an army of all the humans that have fallen down and fight the Queen!

What is your story? What adventures will you have? Will you have a happy end?


We are a new RP, so many characters are still available and we would love it if you could join the fun!
To see which characters are still open and reserve a character, you'll have to go to the Taken/Reserve List.

After that you'll have to fill out your Application Form for that character. Though be sure to read the Rules before you post your application.

If you want your nation to be an inhabitant of Wonderland (for example, the Red Queen), but are still working on your application, the List of Inhabitants is also a good place to check out. You can reserve your Wonderland character there, so someone else won't snag them away before you've finished your application. There's a limited amount of inhabitants, though there's no limit on 'Alices', people who fall through the rabbit hole and are stuck in Wonderland.

If you've got any more questions, feel free to ask one of the mods. The mods are France, Canada and America. You can also drop by in the chatbox. Don't worry, we don't bite~ (except maybe Prussia, but he's a loony)
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