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[RP Advertisement] {Hetalia: The Night Club}

Las Vegas is a place where you can do anything. You can gamble away all your cash, get hangovers whenever you want, and even go to a strip club before the sky goes dark. And in Club Kusur, there's no exception to any of that. Being one of the largest and the most international club in Nevada, Club Kusur is in the daily lives of the people, the heart of Las Vegas, and on the list of anyone and everyone; it's humiliation and a social branding if you have never been inside, and massive privilege and wonder if you have. From getting up and dancing on the strip poles or getting your head drunk until you can't stand, it's the city that never sleeps, and the club that never takes a holiday.

So what's so great about Club Kusur? What makes it so different from the other hundreds of clubs, and makes it so globally recognized? The entertainment. The food. The atmosphere. The glamor of it all.. The people.

Of course those aren't the only reasons, but there's just something indescribable that draws people to the club whether you want to admit it or not. Maybe for some it's the wide array of male and female entertainers and dancers, or the seemingly-spontaneous dress-up days where you might find yourself at Club Kusur surrounded by employees in lingerie or even a maid outfit (the club's faint Japanese influence is yet another thing that sets the club apart), or, maybe you just find yourself coming back to the place's infamous lounge.

Whatever your reason, whatever your intentions, there's no need to fret or fuss, because no one's going to ask. After all..
what happens in Vegas,
stays in Vegas ..

Press above for link.

Just opening today we nearly have every character open for the takes. We wish to find members who already have experience of roleplaying,

Character list/Reserves -- >  x

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