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Scottish world hetalia Day

In light of our discovery of each other I have taken it upon myself to start arranging a World Hetalia Day event for us.

The event will take place in Edinburgh, The Royal Botanical Gardens.

                     Botanic gardens
The gardens are situated at the top of the map beneath the words botanic gardens. Sorry about the poor quality of the map.
We will be meeting outside the new main building of the botanic gardens by the parking area. This is just across from inverleath park and if it's sunny there may be an ice cream van.

Little part of gateway

Traveling by bus:
Buses 8, 23 or 27 go to the botanical gardens as well as the majestic tour bus.

It would be great if everyone could arrive from 12 to 12:30. (if this time poses a problem to anyone then let me know)

Cosplay optional (meaning if you dont want to or you dont have an outfit you dont have too)

I will be wearing a tartan skirt with a tartan scarf, bright red tights and a red shirt so I am noticable (yes you guessed it I will be OCfemScotland) 
The Code of conduct for Hetalia Day can be read at this link

I checked the weather and for the last three years it hasn't been warm but it also has not rained. But this is Scotland people so bring some protection from rain.
I will be bringing a camera but if anyone else wants to bring one they are very welcome. If you know of any other Scottish hetalia fans, please pass on the message so we can have as many people coming as possible.

If there are any problems or if you have any inquires just send me a message.
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