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[RP] Hetalia Highschool, the Facebook campus

Hetalia Highschool, the Facebook campus, is now enrolling students and staffs for 2010-2011 academic year!

Hetalia Highschool and its representatives would like to announce that the new semester is scheduled to start on 18th October 2010 and we are officially enrolling students and staffs from today.

Basically, we are having a campus on Facebook.

Before you take a look into the details, you may want to know beforehand that the school greatly approves homosexual relationships while male pregnancy and gender-bender are not welcome. We do not accept enrollment from original and minor characters, according to this considerably-'main' list. Thank you for your understanding.

Why choose us?

Because I say so!

Because we are finally running a campus on Facebook! You use Facebook, don’t you?

Because we are desperately looking for new staff, which means most seats are available, from teachers to students! Internationally!

Because our aim is to be one of the best campus on Facebook! We already have plans (although no student yet) for the school year that you absolutely do not want to miss.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

1. We allow no original or minor characters in order to avoid the OOCness. For reference, read the list on Hetalia Archives.

2. We allow no male pregnancy.

3. We allow no gender-bender.

4. We allow no sexism, racism and homophobia.

5. We advise everyone to be in of character. Do not intently do the opposite.

6. We greatly appreciate romance within the school (see, I am totally understanding!). This includes heterosexuality, homosexuality (most approved!) and yes, Germania has successfully talked me into allowing selfcestuousness. I think he has a grandchild who claims to be in love with himself…we will see about that.

Academic requirements

1. Main language used in the school is English. If your name is different from Arthur Kirkland – the one and only exception, you need not to ace the bloody language. We only need the basic to communicate within the school, and you are free to use your own language reasonably and occasionally.

2. You had better get access to the school at least once every two weeks. We do not want to lost in touch with our students and staff. If you want to drop out or reserve your place due to personal matters, please do inform us at the school page.

3. You promise to update your photo album(s) at least once every month. Pictures (fan arts and original works) can be found on many websites, though I would strongly remind you to give the full credits, if possible. Zero-chan is also one hell of a place to save pictures.

4. Your Facebook name can be anything as long as it is easy to link to yourself. (e.g. Pasta-loving Boy).

5. Your profile is more than welcome to be creative, but you must provide your exact birth date (this is a highschool environment, so keep in mind that your birth year can be optional), birthplace and family members (if they also enroll the school).

6. Students and teachers are to live in the school dorm. The sooner you apply, the higher possibility you get to pick your own room mate! (2 people per room, this is a MUST). No, Mr Kirkland, we do not count imaginary friends. Cool enough?

Available for you

This is a list of your available options, goes by Nation names (because I am lazy).

Germany (please forward any questions to Ludwig, thanks)
Hong Kong
(North) Italy
(South) Italy
(South) Korea
Sealand (*)

*Please note that while Chibitalia and HRE are not old enough to enroll highschool, Sealand is currently a student in our middle-school department who often comes to highschool campus because of his brother. Thus, you are welcome to play his part.
*If I missed someone out, please let me know.

How to apply

Step 1: Students and teachers are to complete the application form below and send it to us via a comment to this one and only Livejournal post. If your application is valid, you will be, in the time of seven days, sent a reply with nothing but ‘Hera…hera…’, translated as I welcome you. If you receive a Shakespearian letter instead, it must have been Germania taking over my boring work. Or just me being cracked by your French icon, but that’s out of the point.

Step 2: To formally accept the offer to enroll, reply to our reply so that the school will be informed of your official arrival in the next few days.

Step 3: You have two weeks to open and run your Facebook after successfully enrolling. (PLEASE CHANGE YOUR ALTERNATE NAME AS "Aphhighschool", it's a school uniform) This includes having an informative profile and at least 20 photos of yourself. (I would recommend zero-chan and Hetalia Archive for newbie. But then, be creative! MAKE SURE YOU CREDIT THE AUTHORS, or at least do not claim any of those as yours). We only accept accounts in which you have not been in any kind of relationship to any character that do not enroll our school.

Step 4: Add people who are linked in this post. Greet them well. You are now a part of us! /// or post on the wall here

Application form
1. Your full name:
2. Your Facebook name:
3. Your birth date: dd mmm yyyy
(note: 1st year students were *mostly* born in 1995, 2nd year 1994 and 3rd year 1993, provided that this is a 2010-2011 academic year)
4. Your nationality:
5. Do you want to apply as a teacher, student, advisor or doctor?
For teachers only:
- Choose up to 2 subjects to teach:
- Do you wish to be a homeroom teacher? If yes, to which class?
For students only:
- Choose your class:
*Note that we only need one teacher per subject and one doctor and one advisor. Please take a look at other applications before you send your own, or visit the school page for weekly updates.
6. Your desired room mate:

An example (in fact, our first student application):

1. Your full name: Ludwig (uh, no, I come from a complicated background so I have no family name! My brüder has, though.)
2. Your Facebook name: Ludwig Doitsu
3. Your birth date: 03 Oct 1994
4. Your nationality: German
5. Do you want to apply as a teacher, student, advisor or doctor? : Student
- Choose your class: 2A
6. Your desired room mate: …my brüder Gilbert. He made me!

Last but not least, the Student Council election will run by the start of November 2010. Make sure you enroll on time!

Hera hera yours,
Ancient Rome, Hetalia Highschool President.

Revised by Germania, the Vice-President.

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