Jeremy K. Lightstar (jlightstar) wrote in hetalia,
Jeremy K. Lightstar

3 questions about Tokyopop's printing

1. Are there any strips left out in Volume one? I don't have the Japanese edition so I can't really compare it.

2. ( This is a question for members who are clerks at bookstores) Is the Hetalia Manga going to be shrinkwrapped or placed in the mature section of the store? I have a books-a-million near where I live and they sometimes place mature graphic novels near the Romance section.

3. Has anyone went to the library and informed their librarians that Tokyopop is offering Volume one (digital edition) for free to Libraries via the Overdrive system? I finally got to talk to the YA librarian at my branch and she said she would email the mail library to be put into consideration. ( I don't know if she that interested....)
Tags: community: q&a

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