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Hetalia Day - Michigan!!!

So sorry for the delay, but we've finally organized the Southern Michigan Hetalia Day meet!

Who: You, of course! Spread the word!
What: Hetalia Day / Autumn Meetup in Michigan! 
When: October 24th, 2010 [12pm - 7pm]
Where: Erwin Orchards
61475 Silver Lake Road, South Lyon, Michigan 48178
(About 30 minutes outside of Ann Arbor)

Halloween will be just a week away when Hetalia Day rolls around and excitement is in the air! Erwin's is holding a costume contest on the 24th which makes it perfect for Hetalia day! (The Costume Contest is at 4 p.m.) CASH PRIZES will be offered for their contest, and after talking with the manger herself we've received an early, but warm welcome for our arrival. Everyone who appears in costume (as we've been told) will receive free doughnuts and cider, which I'm sure will be a welcome snack - the doughnuts and cider there are delicious!

While not everyone may want to go apple-picking the Erwins' main grounds offer a fun place to hang out and eat, and is located right by a CVS for anyone who may need something last minute. Picnic tables will be there and ready for use and anyone who wishes to bring food is more than welcome to do so (it'll be almost like a potluck and meet all wrapped in one.)

As to be expected, not everything is free, but the offered events are well worth the price. There is an amazing corn maze that is the biggest they've had yet, and later, during the evening hours, the haunted house opens for us to enjoy. Each event is $5 per person, but admission to Erwins itself is free (thus, for each person to partake in each event, it would be $10 total.)

We highly encourage any halloween costumes, nation-style. So China, be sure to bring your Hello Kitty ears! But we will also be taking photos to submit to the Hetalia day website, so please keep that in mind.
  We can't wait to see you there! 

If anyone has questions, please contact...

awesomeprussian (e-mail) (MSN)
AwesomePrussian (AOL)
AwesomePrussian (Yahoo)
(734) 255-4787 (Text only, please)

Finland: chloeviolets (Email - Subject: Hetalia Meetup) (MSN)
Kuro No Waltz (AIM)
1-586-453-4479 (Text preferred)



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