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[Discussion] More Pairing Talk

Okay, since pairings are a popular subject, I have several questions for you to answer.

1. What is your definition of a pairing? Do the two have to be in love?

2. Do you have multiple pairings for one character? If so, how do you balance them?

3. Do you consider that a nation might be involved with different nations at different time periods?

4. Do you wish Hetalia canon portrayed the characters in your favorite pairing differently?

5. Are there nations you'd pair your favorite nation with, if only they were in Hetalia?

Er, read on if you want to hear what I have to say.

1. My definition of a pairing is two characters who interact with each other without completely hating each other. They don't have to be in love 24/7, but they should have chemistry. For me, nations enjoy a power struggle even if they don't like seeing their people getting killed (America and Russia?). They can be "just friends" too. Sometimes a story works better without the romance...

2. My favorite character is China. Considering how long he's lived, I can't see him with just one person all throughout his life. I have several pairings. I balance some of them by saying "this is China's ex" (Mongolia) but others with "this is a military love triangle" or "he's just friends" or maybe even "he has multiple copies of himself". Foreign relations also fluctuate throughout time, so a nation who is friendly today could be an enemy tomorrow (for those of you who like England/Japan, this holds true).

And for those of you who like Japan, he gets multi-paired a lot, doesn't he?

3. I definitely think so. In real life, China's foreign relations fluctuated quite a bit during the last century not to mention the entirety of history --- the PRC was enemies with the Soviet Union for several decades before the fall of the Soviet Union and reestablishment of ties with Russia. I also pair him with the Roman Empire, who is sadly deceased. And then there's Germany and France, who hated each other but now have cordial relations.

4. I read quite a few comments about how the relationship between China and Japan is often idealized in canon and in fanworks. I'd like to see a more manipulative, bitter, passive-aggressive Yao who was never quite able to put Kiku completely under his sphere of influence...

5. I'd pair China and Iran together, along with Mongolia and Manchuria (historically speaking, the Manchus). I'd pair Vietnam and the Phillippines.
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